Dawn at Nationals 2010

Today is the final day of competition at the 2010 Australian Canoeing Sprint Nationals.

Yesterday I worked on using the Sydney Regatta Centre’s CCT camera to record whole races in the 200 metre classes. I used the connections provided by Kaiserbaas’s Video to DVD Maker to capture in iMovie (old version).

I stored yesterday’s videos at Box.Net. Today’s video recordings from the camera will be stored at the Australian Canoeing’s YouTube web site.

Today is Finals’ Day and it is early morning at the course.

Video at Nationals 2010

I am in the control tower at the Australian Canoeing Nationals being held at the Sydney Regatta Centre, Penrith.

I have been working on low cost solutions to sharing video in almost real time. At present I am using a Regatta Centre CCTV camera in iMovie and trying a variety of compression formats. I am fortunate that the camera has its own controls and a zoom lens. I am recording the 200 metre heats.

Here is an example!

Today is a practice for this process for Finals’ Day on Sunday.