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R U OK? Day 2019

It is R U OK Day on 12 September. R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected. Their mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life R U OK goals are to:  Boost our confidence to meaningfully connect and ask about life's ups and downs Nurture our sense of responsibility to regularly connect and support others

An everday example of R U OK?

I have been following the R U OK? Day for a number of years. One of my interests is in the everyday question of personal well being (link). This week, the everyday was brought into sharp focus by a friend. He wrote an open letter to someone who was having some personal challenges. I saw the open letter as a very public way of sharing the thin ice on which we all travel. My friend wrote:

Critical friendship thoughts for #RUOK day: from a sport perspective

Thursday, 14 September, is R U OK? Day in Australia. I have been thinking about the role critical friendship can play in conversations about personal well-being in sport. One of the papers that has influenced my thing about critical friendship was written by John MacBeath and Stewart Jardine twenty years ago. It is titled 'I didn’t know he was ill - the role and value of the critical friend'. They start their consideration of critical friendship with this paragraph: The critical friend is a powerful idea,perhaps because it contains an inherent tension. Friends bring a high degree of unconditional positive regard. They are...

R U OK? 2012

A year has flown by very quickly. It is R U OK? Day on Thursday, 13 September. R U OK?'s mission is: to help end suicide by empowering people to make a difference through open and honest conversation and to drive real connection. My life has been profoundly affected by the death of my brother, John, thirty years ago. He is in my thoughts most days and thirty years seems like thirty seconds sometimes. When I wrote about John in 2010, Gavin Larkin found time to comment on my post. Gavin Larkin and Janina Nearn developed R U OK? Day to inspire Australians to stay...

Dark Woods and Crumple Zones

A line in a Radio National interview (March 2011) with Jonathan Franzen made me catch my breath. You know, you enter a dark wood at a certain point in your life and things start falling apart; your life is not what you expected it to be. The line took me back to a post I wrote last October to coincide with R U OK? Day. I had been thinking about both these posts and the emotions they stirred after learning about a paper by Jan-Emmanuel De Neve titled Functional Polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) in the Serotonin Transporter Gene is Associated with Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from...