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Performance at Summer Olympics Four Years Before Hosting the Games

Introduction An article about the prospects for Japan's 2016 Summer Olympics team in The Japan Times sent me off looking at Olympic medal data. Simon Gleave is quoted extensively in the article. His observations include this: I think we are now seeing the effect, or the beginning effect of Tokyo 2020. We’re seeing with Japan what we often see with countries who are going to host the Games, which is the potential for a very good performance in the Games before the ones they host. I have gone through some data archives to explore four-year out patterns. My data can be found here. Four Years...

May Medal Predictions: London 2012

The Herald Sun is using Infostrada data for its Virtual Medal Predictor for London 2012. Its predictor is updated at the start of each month. The May update is: In April the predictions were: USA Today updated its projections on 18 May.