Edges and Everyday Practice: Sustaining and Disruptive Technologies

I have been thinking about technological innovation in advance of a meeting of the Sydney node of the Australian Sports Technologies Network at NSWIS on 26 June.

In this nine minute SlideCast presentation I look at some ideas, inter alia, from Ray Kurzweil and Clayten Christensen. I note too the Veillance Conference in Toronto and some of the smartworld issues arising from technological change.

Australian Canoeing AGM and Strategic Forum 2011

It is Jacaranda time in Sydney.

It is Australian Canoeing’s AGM time too.

The meeting is being held in the New South Wales Institute of Sport building on Figtree Drive in the Sydney Olympic Park.

It is the 62nd AGM held by Australian Canoeing (AC).

The Forum includes topics on:

  • Participation, Engagement and Action
  • Olympic High Performance
  • Technical Committee Updates
  • Education and Safety
  • Coaching and Officiating
  • Better Practice
  • Insurance
  • Information Technology

The Annual Report is available online at the AC website.

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