090416 Gleanings

Each week I become more and more fascinated by what we can share. Twitter has accelerated this process for me although this week I have not participated at all.

Earlier this year I intiated some posts entitled Food for Thought and aspired to write a weekly alphabet update of blogs. I managed two editions of the post. I realised that despite my best intentions my divergent thinking sent me off on journeys that were hard to stop. I found them to be wonderful vectors of discovery.

I started this post in a workshop on Educating the Net Generation whilst managing to ignore Yammer, TweetDeck and Facebook!

Recently this TED video of Pattie Maes sent me off on another learning journey:

Such journeys are framed by many of the links Stephen Downes shares in OLDaily. I really enjoyed his most recent discussion of networks. I wondered if I had become an accidental connectivist after hearing a marvellous interview with David Kilcullen on Radio National. I had previously linked Stephen with Jeanette Winterson in an early post in this blog. I think Stephen and David would have a great deal to share too!

I found this presentation by David Wiley via Mike Bogle‘s Facebook post. It provided a great adjunct to Stephen’s presentation and explored openness and disaggregation in higher education.

YouTube had some fascinating action this week and the YouTube Symphony received a great deal of publicity. This is a link to one of the Australian contestants. I thought it was entirely appropriate that Michael Tilson Thomas was involved in this event.


I thought this much publicised YouTube video (17 million plus viewers 93,000 comments, 84,000 ratings) of Susan Boyle put the whole week in perspective for me … dreams do come true!


During the CCK08 course we spent a good deal of time talking about groups, networks, communities and collectives. Thereafter we discussed complexity, chaos and randomness. This week in Mongarlowe all these concepts merged in our community’s response to a bush fire.

A fire is burning in the Budawang Forest and yesterday our community was briefed by the NSW Rural Fire Brigade about the potential dangers of the fire breaking containment lines.


Source: ABC News

We are fortunate that Mongarlowe has its own Bush Fire Brigade. Many of our friends in the community are members of the Brigade and I have had my application to be a volunteer accepted.


Living in a caring community (real and virtual) is very important to me and this week’s events have reconfirmed the observation made by Karen Stephenson that:

Reciprocity is key to the power of networks, the alchemy of mutual give and take over time turning to a golden trust…

Amongst those in the line of the fire are Gail Nichols and Suzanne Bellamy.

The weather has changed today and the forecast is for a cooler two days. This provides an opportunity to develop more containment lines and gives us more time to clarify what is important in our lives.


29 January bulletin and ABC news report