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Year of Reading: Mongarlowe

I am fortunate to live in the village of Mongarlowe in New South Wales. There is a notice board at the entrance to Clyde Street in the village that shares news of events. Last week the board was alerting everyone to Clean Up Australia Day on 4 March. To my great delight there was an addition to the notice board this weekend. I love the idea that the Year of Reading has come to Mongarlowe and that it is housed in a Tardis-like location. The Year of Reading 2012 "is about children learning to read and keen readers finding new sources of inspiration. It's...

Suzanne Bellamy's Seventeenth Annual Open Studio

Suzanne Bellamy is holding her Seventeenth Annual Open Studio in Mongarlowe this weekend (25-27 November). Last year I wrote about her Sixteenth Open Studio. There was a crowded opening on Friday at Suzanne's Gallery. Many of those who attended the opening spoke about the energy evident in this year's collection. I am always surprised by Suzanne's work and am particularly impressed by this year's collection prepared whilst Suzanne is completing her PhD. More information about Suzanne and her work can be found on her website. Photo Credit Home page

Autumn in Mongarlowe 2011

It is a most beautiful Autumn in Mongarlowe. A Summer of rain has encouraged trees and shrubs to flourish.

Small and Connected: Rejoinder

This morning exemplified perfectly my hopes for and faith in small connected communities. I was awake relatively early and checking overnight action from my RSS feeds. I noticed Harold Jarche's post about social business. I commented on Harold's post  and within a few minutes I received a response from Harold with a link to his 2006 post about the one-room school. Harold's suggested that small schools, loosely joined: With access to the Internet a one-room school would have to reach out to the rest of the world and not be wrapped in the confines of the industrial school. Schools would...

WP 5k Mongarlowe

I read Sara Rosso's post about the WP 5K collaborative exercise day on 10 April. I think it is a great idea. I did not have a MapMyWalk account to plan my route so I signed up this weekend. I was impressed by the functionality the site offered. My planned run is in the village of Mongarlowe in New South Wales, Australia. Main street Mongarlowe: The route: I look forward to hearing about how the 80 Automatticians in 62 cities enjoy their day. Photo Credit No Help for Giusto Cerutti

Suzanne Bellamy’s Sixteenth Annual Open Studio

Suzanne Bellamy is holding her Sixteenth Annual Open Studio in Mongarlowe this weekend (27-29 November). Last year I wrote about her Fifteenth Open Studio. This year I visited her Open Studio on Saturday after a rush of visitors. As with last year I took some pictures with Suzanne’s permission. I find her work remarkable and thought that this year her work had great energy. This year the bush around Suzanne's house is lush and green. This seemed to add energy to the work and my experience of her Open Studio too. More information about Suzanne and her work can be found...

Spring Blossom

I have been away from the garden for a week. This morning was one of those  beautiful, sunny moments after overnight frost. It was a time for taking pictures! Looking North Jono's Bed Close Up On these kind of days I seem to think about Robert Frost poetry and thought of A Prayer in Spring: Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day; And give us not to think so far away As the uncertain harvest; keep us here All simply in the springing of the year. What better than Frost after frost?

Rain in Mongarlowe

We have had a wonderful weekend of rain in Mongarlowe on the fringes of some wild weather in the south east of New South Wales. Some parts of the area have had 250mms of rain. The creek that flows at the bottom of our garden that dried up three months ago is flowing strongly: The bridge repairs last year have withstood the test of increased river levels: It was great seeing the water levels upstream: Even a high and dry old car was innundated!


Today I have been checking HootSuite in between gardening in the intense heat of a Mongarlowe Summer. By good fortune I came across a link to Tim Kastelle, John Steen and Mark Dodgson's Innovation Leadership Network Blog and their post about Networks and the Information Glut. In a discussion of the Republic of Letters project at Stanford University they observe that: The fundamentals of innovative thought haven’t changed since the 18th Century – it’s always been aggregate, filter and connect. The great thinkers of earlier times corresponded extensively because it helped them aggregate information from a wide variety of disciplines and...

GROU.PS: Exploring Learning and Sharing Links

In the last week I have been glued to Twitter! On 21 December I wrote a post about Vicarious Learning and Reciprocal Altruism and after Christmas I thought I would explore Twitter at what might be a quiet time of the year. It proved a fascinating time to be sampling tweets. Not only were there end of year items there were end of decade items too. I discovered GROU.PS (an open source social operating system) during this process and liked their approach. I decided to aggregate all the Twitter feeds into a GROU.PS site and use the wiki function the...