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Immersed in Momentum

I have had opportunities to meet up with some coaches during my trip to England. Some of our conversations have involved questions about 'momentum'. One of them asked if I could write up some notes that he could use. I have set up a Google Doc to do this and drafted a short summary for him. It is a partial bibliography. I did not go back to primary sources such as Ivan Pavlov,  Edward Thorndike, and Burrhus Frederic Skinner. My search started in the 1970s with Tony Nevin and extended to Walid Briki and Keith Markman's (2018) paper on the phenomenology...

Random walks and momentum shifts in the 2018 Super Netball Grand Final

Introduction The Sunshine Coast Lightning defeated West Coast Fever in the 2018 Super Netball Grand Final. Prior to the game, I had identified some performance bandwidth profiles for both teams. Post-game, the performance profiles of both teams were: Sunshine Coast The team's actual performance delivered an exceptional third quarter and moved the team into a game-winning position. West Coast The scoring sequence in the game was: Random Walks In 2006, Martin Lames explored dynamic interactions in sport games. His discussion included an examination of handball possession in terms of interlaced random walks and the momentary strength of competing teams. Martin conjectures in his paper: There is evidence for the...

Performance after a Bye Week in the Regular AFL 2017 Season

Each team had a bye week in the regular AFL 2017 season. My visualisation of the momentum of the teams from their Bye Week is: The same chart with a legend: The extremes of these momentum lines are Sydney and North Melbourne: My rank order for momentum after a Bye Week is:   One of my interests in doing this work is to imagine the kind of conversations that might be occurring in performance departments during the post-bye period.

Pathways to and from the AFL 2017 Finals

Each AFL season I monitor the progress of teams in the regular season towards the end of season finals. I have a very basic measurement of 'momentum': win +1; defeat -1; draw 0. My record for all 18 teams in the 2017 regular season is: For the top 4 teams: Teams 5-8 Teams 9 to 13   Teams 14 to 18 Photo Credit After the game kick and catch ( Michael Coghlan, CC BY_SA 2.0)

#AFL Momentum After A Bye Week: Round 22

Round 22 of the 2016 AFL season has been completed. With one week left of the regular season, seven of the eight finals places have been confirmed. There is a mathematical opportunity for St Kilda to overtake North Melbourne but this requires a 25 goal win for St Kilda and a 25 goal defeat for North Melbourne. I have been tracking each team's performance after their bye week. This is my view of the momentum direction after a bye for all eighteen teams. The pattern for the six teams who had a bye week in Week 13 of the season is: For Week 14...

AFL 2015: Momentum After Bye Week

Week 22 of the 2015 AFL season is about to start. After Round 21, the momentum patterns of the top four teams on the ladder after their bye weeks were: and for teams 5-8: My momentum points are scored: Win 1 point Draw 0 points Loss -1 point North Melbourne has won the last seven games after a loss immediately after their bye round. Photo Credit The Wait (Natalie Maguire, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The Art of Making and Missing the 2014 NRL Finals

The 2014 regular NRL season concluded with Round 26 last weekend. As with my AFL post, I have abstracted teams’ pathways to and from the 2014 Finals. I used a very simple rule to construct the images: 1 point for a win, -1 for a loss. This is a momentum image for all 16 teams in the competition: The legend is: The 8 teams that made the Finals: The teams that missed out: The diverging gap between the top and the bottom of the 2014 NRL ladder:

The Art of Making and Missing the 2014 AFL Finals

The 2014 regular AFL season concluded with Round 23 last weekend. I have abstracted teams' pathways to and from the 2014 Finals. This is a momentum image for all 18 teams based on their 2013 rankings and their 2014 finishing position: The 8 Finalists This shows clearly Richmond's transformed season starting at week 15. The 10 teams not making the Finals I used a very simple rule to construct the images: 1 point for a win, -1 for a loss. The one draw was scored as 0. The 2014 season My record for each team's twenty-two games is:

Game, Set, Match: IBM Slamtracker Data Wimbledon 2012

The Wimbledon Championships concluded on Sunday with the Men's Singles Final between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Before the Championship I posted about the data to be provided by IBM. At the Championships as a whole in the Men's draw the following events were recorded by IBM's Slamtracker: Of these, Roger Federer: and, Andy Murray: The result of the Final was: The match details were: The IBM Slamtracker offered Keys to each match. Overall the Keys offered for the Men's Final were: By set, these Keys were: Set 1 Set 2: Set 3: Set 4: IBM provided Momentum graphs too. In Set 1 this was the pattern (Andy Murray in purple): By Set 4 (Roger...

Integrity and Achievement

This is a brief post to celebrate Samantha Stosur's victory over Serena Williams in the Women's Singles at the US Tennis Open 2011. Performance is a key theme in my blog. I am fascinated by the process by which athletes prepare to perform. I am fascinated too by the realisation of the readiness to perform in actual performance. I look out for athletes' performances of understanding. I think Sam Stosur's win at the US Open Tennis is a great case study in this realisation and demonstration of performances of understanding. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the integrity of and in sport...