I have been following the #MohaliGateHomework discussions on Twitter.


Events surrounding the exclusion of four players from the Third Test in India have helped me focus my thoughts on the distinctions between leadership and management.

I am trying really hard to see both sides of the story but like Jim Maxwell wonder if “it seems a dramatic thing to do on tour when perhaps it could have been sorted out in a less public way”.

At a time of poor team performances in both tests in India, I am assuming that there must have been a tipping point for this decision. Cricket Australia’s position is stated here. I thought that might have come after the First Test.

The Roar has some interesting exchanges about the exclusions. One comment included:


Back at #MohaliGateHomework:


I had hoped there might be opportunities on a long overseas tour for coach, captain and team to come closer together. I think England manged this on their tour of India.

I am left pondering about the energies that drive a centripital momentum in a team (coming together to be greater than the sum of its parts) and avoid centrifugal forces (that lead to a team being less than the sum of its parts).

I wish everyone well in transforming performance. I do hope that a line in the sand helps … I would advocate drawing this in the team room.