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Paralympic Conversations

I have really enjoyed writing posts for The Conversation during the Paralympics. My final post was published today:

In Cardiff

Yesterday I wrote about the Paralympics and the HOPAU Project. Overnight, the APC announced Greg Smith as the flagbearer for the Opening Ceremony for the London Games. Greg has a page in Wikipedia. Within hours of the ceremony in Cardiff Castle, Tony Naar had uploaded these three pictures to the Wikimedia Commons. Team Members Entering the Castle Greg Smith The Australian Team

Changeover Week

The welcome home Olympic parades have started in Australia just as Paralympians are preparing for the opening of the Paralympic Games in eight days time in London. The official website for the Paralympic Games has detailed information about the schedule for the 21 sports in the program (29 August to 9 September). The ABC is covering the Games in Australia. This year's Paralympic Games have a particular resonance with me. For the last twelve months or so I have been following an ambitious project to write a Wikipedia history of Australian Paralympians. As of 18 August, there were 190 articles available on...

A Conversation Post: Olympic Predictions and Actual Performance

The Conversation has published this evening my follow up post to a pre-Games post about medal predictions.


I have been overwhelmed by the performance of Team GB at the London 2012 Games. Twelve years ago I watched the Sydney Games from my home in rural North Wales. This month I watched the London Games from rural New South Wales. It has been fascinating to reflect on Olympic performance journeys from Sydney to London. My sense in 2000 was that Australia had provided a model for the rest of the world in hosting an Olympic Games and for enhancing ethically athlete performance. I was conscious too that my colleagues in the United Kingdom were eager to learn about the Australian...

Wikifying the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

There has been a fascinating project underway in Australia for the last year. A group of experienced and new wikipedians have been developing wiki pages for Australian Paralympians under the guidance of Tony Naar at the Australian Paralympic Committee. I receive daily updates of their work and have been staggered by the scale and scope of their creativity. One of the contributors to the project is Laura Hale. Laura has been working on Olympic pages too and she set herself the objective of developing pages for all female Australian Olympians in 2012. This week Brian Mossop has produced an account of the overall...

Women's Football Olympic Tournament 2012

The twelve teams that contested the Women's Olympic Football Tournament in 2012 were: The FIFA rankings of these teams on 1 June 2012 were: 1 USA 2 Germany 3 Japan 4 Sweden 5 Brazil 6 France 7 Canada 8 DPR Korea 9 England 23 New Zealand 28 Colombia 50 Cameroon 61 South Africa The results of the Group games were: The Knockout stage results were: Tournament data from the London 2012 web site:      

Medal trends at the London 2012 Games to Day 11

I have been monitoring medal success at the London 2012 Games. My interest is in patterns of behaviour rather than national chauvinism. I am fascinated by prognostics and how they can be refined. I have looked at the ten nations winning the most cumulative medals at the Games. These are the data I have used for the charts in this post. At these Games at the end of Day 11: By medal type:

Total Medals at London 2012 (to Day 10)

At the end of Day 10 at London 2012 the total numbers of medals won by the top ten countries were: China 64 (6 medals Day 1, 6 Day 2, 5 Day 3, 6 Day 4, 7 Day 5, 4 Day 6, 8 Day 7, 11 Day 8, 8 Day 9, 3 Day 10) USA 63 (5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 8, 6, 11, 6, 3) Russia 42 (1, 3, 1, 3, 3, 6, 6, 5, 7, 7) Great Britain 40 (0, 2, 1, 1, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 3) Japan 28 (3, 2, 6, 2, 4, 2, 2, 3, 3, 1) France 26...

Streets Lined With Silver (Up to day 8)

Introduction Before the London Games started The Conversation published a post about medal predictions. After eight days of competition it is interesting to note where these predictions stand. The projections for total medals won at the Games using performance data were: China USA Russia Great Britain Germany Australia France Japan Italy South Korea   After Day 8 of competition the standing was: USA China Great Britain Russia Japan France Germany Australia Italy South Korea   The last prediction for gold medal winning performances before the Games was: USA 36 gold medals China 32 Russia 21 Great Britain 19 Germany 17 Italy 12 Australia 11 France 10 Japan 10 Korea 10   Going for Gold The United States of America (26 gold medals), China (25) and Great Britain (14) lead the gold medal table at present. The USA won...