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Possibilities and Shining Eyes

One of the enormous benefits of my nomadic life on the University of Canberra campus is happenchance. Today I crossed paths with Mark Spain. We talked about leadership, shared stories and Mark introduced Ben Zander and the Art of Possibility. As a follow on from my Olympics video post, I include two YouTube videos here to introduce Ben. The first one is two minutes: http://youtu.be/zrGAJ7hVh10 and a second of five minutes in duration: http://youtu.be/nTav0D3YIN4 These talks draw upon Ben's experiences as a conductor and his ideas about leadership.  

Leadership: Conversations with Neil Armstrong

I was driving home on Thursday evening and was listening in to Radio National's PM program. By coincidence I was think about some correspondence with a PhD student about authentic leadership. Serendipity brought me news of a series of CPA interviews with Neil Armstrong. Alex Malley, the CEO of CPA, interviewed Neil Armstrong and observed that: Look he's got an extraordinary humility, there's no question about that and when you look at what they were able to do in '69 in relation to the journey they went on; these are things we just haven't seen for a long time. His capability to constantly talk...

Reading John Dickson: Humility and Leadership

A few weeks ago my daughter Beth alerted me to a Radio National program she had heard. Richard Aedy interviewed John Dickson on Life Matters. I followed Beth's advice to listen to their discussion of humility. As a result I bought John Dickson's book Humiltas. The subtitle to the book is A Lost Key to Life, Love and Leadership. In it John suggests that "the most influential and inspiring people are often marked by humility". He defines humility as "the noble choice to forgo your status, deploy your resources or use your influence for the good of others before yourself". John identifies leadership as...

Resilient Authoritarianism and Soft Power

Introduction Last Thursday I was driving into Canberra and had the opportunity to listen to Richard McGregor's interview with Margaret Throsby on ABC's Classic FM. Richard McGregor is the author of The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers published in June 2010. I had heard an earlier interview with Phillip Adams too. Both interviews left me with a desire to explore the combination of resilient authoritarianism and soft power as a leadership style relevant to sport contexts. Richard explored both characteristics in his interviews. His study of the Chinese Communist party provides enormous detail about the processes and outcomes...