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Authentic Insights

Introduction Peter Berger, in his invitation to sociology (1963), wrote about "the curiosity that grips any sociologist in front of a closed door behind which there are human voices". I have been fascinated by learning about these voices in education and in sport. In pre-Internet days, I enjoyed reading about the lives (voices) of teachers and pupils in books like Philip Jackson's Life in Classrooms and Ivor Goodson's Studying Teachers' Lives. Ivor's advocacy and use of life history methods struck a strong chord with me and informed my ethnographic approach to the study of physical education in schools. This story about Anush...


I have been following a LinkedIn discussion initiated by Dave Willoughby in the Performance Analysis in Sport Group. Dave posted about Unpaid Internships on his blog on 16 April. I thought Dave's analysis of internship advertisements over an eighteen month period was very helpful in providing a focus for discussion. The LinkedIn discussion has had 20 responses to date. Yesterday, Josh Bryan provided a link in the discussion to the BASES position stand on graduate on internships (pdf). I think the distinction between volunteer, worker and employee is an excellent clarification of a continuum of opportunities. It took me back to my...


I have not written many posts in the past two months. I have been a peripheral participant in many conversations and have admired from afar the insights and wisdom being shared. This week a post from Stephen Downes was a catalyst for this post about c-ness. Stephen linked to Dan Pontefract's post The Organisation as a Cycling Peloton. Dan suggested "Maybe if we were to act like a peloton in our organizations, we might see higher levels of employee engagement". Dan liked the idea that a peloton (particularly in recreational cycling): shared the load; communicated proactively; encouraged and recognised effort. For some...

Where is the Fire?

I received a very kind invitation from Josh Bryan to write a blog post for Visual Performance Analysis. I took fire as the theme for my post and looked at three types of metaphorical fires: Performance Analysis as a Vocation Sharing Information Open Access and Free Software Link to the post. Photo Credit Bushfire (fvanrenterghem, CC BY-SA 2.0)