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AudioBoo at IASI 2011

I found AudioBoo through a Diigo link. I am going to try out this online audio capture at the IASI Workshop in Leipzig. I noticed that AudioBoo is one of three online recording tools discussed by Wesley Fryer in his recent post. (The other two are Ipadio and Cinch). My introductory AudioBoo can be found here. This is thw WordPress embedded audio player.

IASI in Leipzig 2011: Some Groundrules

I am in Leipzig for an IASI Workshop hosted by Hartmut Sandner of the Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft (IAT). I am staying not far from the St. Nicholas Church that played a prominent role in the beginning of the end of East Germany in early October 1989. To my delight I opened my hotel curtains this morning and discovered I have a full view of some guidelines. These advise me that I should (or should not): I think this makes it a great start to the first day of the conference. I am using #IASIL11 to share news of events.