#RWC2019 after nine games

Samoa defeated Russia 34 v 9 in the ninth game of the #RWC2019 tournament (link).

After nine games, some performance medians (from World Rugby data) are:

  • 15 Penalties Conceded
  • 61 Kicks
  • 258 Passes
  • 13 Scrums
  • 25 Lineouts

My ratio of Passes to Kicks is 4.23 and for Lineouts to Scrums 1.92.

I have used ggplot2 to visualise these data. I use the ratios to monitor the continuity of teams and their within-tournament adaptation to officiating.

As part of the measure of continuity, I am using World Rugby’s data on Penalties Conceded:

I will follow with interest how officials manage games and enable a flow of activity.

Photo Credit

This (Rugby World Cup,Twitter)

Starting out with esquisse

I have discovered the esquisse package in R (link). It is described as “a ‘shiny’ gadget to create ‘ggplot2’ charts interactively with drag-and-drop to map your variables. You can quickly visualize your data accordingly to their type, export to ‘PNG’ or ‘PowerPoint’, and retrieve the code to reproduce the chart”.

Information about the package, authors and maintainers can be found on CRAN (link). 

I have compiled a brief GitHub repository to share some resources for this introduction. I include the data.frame I used (link).

My first attempt to use esquisse functionality:

I found this package one of the most intuitive CRAN packages I have used. I do have some experience with ggplot2 and understand that I will need to return to it to provide further details. The Shiny format of esquisse really appeals to me. I appreciated the ease of drag and drop that enabled me to modify my visualisations without the need to code.

It will become my first look tool for data visualisation.

Women’s T20 Group Games

In the lull between the Group Games and the semi-finals of the Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup, I have been looking at the data I have collected and trying out some ggplot visualisation.

My attempts with the ggridges package failed and I am going to re-try. But in the meantime, here are two comparisons that use the ggrepel package. My data are for the total runs scored in each wicket partnerships. The data do not include the games decided by Duckworth-Lewis methods (England v Bangladesh).

I used Baptiste Auguie’s suggestions for laying out multiple plots (two in my case) and installed the grid and gridExtra packages to help me.