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Semi Finals at the 2010 FIFA World Cup: Inputs

Going into the semi final games of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, these are some of the performance characteristics of the four teams remaining. Alphabetical Team Germany Netherlands Spain Uruguay Alphabetical and Group Position Team Qualifying Group Position Germany 1 Netherlands 1 Spain 1 Uruguay 1 FIFA Ranking May 2010 Team FIFA Rank May 2010 Spain 2 Netherlands 4 Germany 6 Uruguay 16 Games Won Team Games Won Netherlands 5 Germany 4 Spain 4 Uruguay 4 Goals Scored Team Goals Scored Germany 13 Netherlands 9 Uruguay 7 Spain 6 Yellow Cards Team Yellow Cards Spain 3 Uruguay 6 Germany 8 Netherlands 12 Red Cards Team Red Cards Germany 0 Netherlands 0 Spain 0 Uruguay 1 Games Played at Altitude Team Games at Altitude Spain 3 Uruguay 3 Germany 2 Netherlands 1 Games Played at Sea Level Team Games at Sea Level Netherlands 4 Germany 3 Spain 2 Uruguay 2 Some other information Germany and Spain have lost to lower ranked opponents in this tournament. The referee for the Netherlands v Uruguay game has refereed four games at this tournament. His last game was Argentina v Germany. The referee...