EPL Managerial Sackings 2017-2018: Week 30

Mauricio Pellegrino is the ninth English Premier League manager to be sacked this season.

There are eight weeks left in the season.

I have been monitoring managerial changes in the League.

These are my data that look at:

  • League position when manager sacked
  • Highest League position under new manager
  • Current League position at the end of Week 30

They are presented here in the order of managerial sackings:

Crystal Palace (Week 4)

Leicester (Week 8)

Everton (Week 9)

West Ham (Week 11)

West Brom (Week 12)

Swansea (Week 18)

Stoke (Week 21)

Watford (Week 24)

Southampton (Week 30)


Six of the seven teams at the foot of the English Premier League have sacked their managers this season. The exception is Huddersfield Town (currently in 15th position). West Brom is in the most tenuous position at 20th, seven points adrift from the next team. The gap between 19th (Stoke) and 14th (Swansea) is four points.

Leicester (8th), Everton (9th), and Watford (10th) have created a distance from these teams. Watford is 9 points from a relegation place.

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Fans (Lubomir Simek, CC BY 2.0)

The Impact of Managerial Change: EPL 2017-2018

I noticed this tweet earlier today

By coincidence, Ron Smith had sent me a link to the paper too. It is available online at this link.

The paper encouraged me to think about the data I have been collecting from the EPL.

I have been tracking the impact of the eight managerial changes in the EPL this season with a very basic ‘momentum’ metric. This indicates that, after week 28 of the season, Leicester has benefited most from a change (+3) whilst West Brom has struggled (-7).

My maps of routes to safety or relegation, in order of managerial changes, are:

Crystal Palace



West Ham

West Brom




Simon Gleave added a fascinating dimension to this conversation in his consideration of how many points are required to remain in the EPL.

He shared this graphic (14 February 2018) of the % chance of relegation this season:

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BFCvFCUM_ENPLPD_041114 (Matthew Wilkinson, CC BY-ND 2.0)


101 Goals in the EPL 2017-2018 Season: End of Week 4

There have been four rounds of the 2017-2018 English Premier League football season. 101 goals have been scored in the games played.

The 100th goal of the season was scored by Pedro Obiang for West Ham United in the 72nd minute of the game against Huddersfield Town.

My record of when the 101 goals were scored in 15 minute intervals is:

Winners of games have scored 74 goals, losers 11 goals with 16 goals being scored in drawn games. There have been three 0v0 games.

After four rounds of games, the team that has scored first has not lost in 91% of games.

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View over Stamford Bridge (Ben Sutherland, CC BY 2.0)