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Insights for Coaches from Counterinsurgency Thinking

David Kilcullen was a guest on Radio National's PM program on 28 June. A transcript of his interview can be found here. I wrote about David's work last year after I discovered his writing about the accidental guerilla. He has written a new book on Counterinsurgency. Many years ago coaches were reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War. This review of Counterinsurgency indicates why David Kilcullen's work might be of interest to coaches now. Two of the themes that will be of interest are David's thoughts on training and trusting leaders and building build trusted networks. Photo Credit Thinking

090416 Gleanings

Each week I become more and more fascinated by what we can share. Twitter has accelerated this process for me although this week I have not participated at all. Earlier this year I intiated some posts entitled Food for Thought and aspired to write a weekly alphabet update of blogs. I managed two editions of the post. I realised that despite my best intentions my divergent thinking sent me off on journeys that were hard to stop. I found them to be wonderful vectors of discovery. I started this post in a workshop on Educating the Net Generation whilst managing to...