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Ashes Fourth Test: England Second Innings

Australia has beaten England by 185 runs in the fourth test at Old Trafford (link). England were set a target of 382 to win on the final day of the test match. To win the game England required partnerships of 38 runs or more. Australia's task was to prevent those partnerships developing. The profile of the innings was: Craig Overton was the tenth wicket to fall at 197 in the 91st over.

Fourth Ashes Test: England First Innings

Day 3 of the Fourth Ashes Test ended with England at 200 for 5 wickets (link). The task facing England is to have partnerships exceeding 50 runs per wicket and the challenge facing Australia is to keep partnerships below 50. So far, the partnerships have been: 10, 15, 141, 9, 21. The partnership between Rory Burns and Joe Root (141) lifted England above the rate required. At that stage, England were 16 runs ahead of the required rate. These...

Third Ashes Test 2019

England won the Third Test at Headingley. England scored 362 runs in their innings and won by 1 wicket (link). At the start of that innings, it was likely that to win England needed to create partnerships of greater than 36 runs. Australia's role was to prevent this happening. The graph indicates the required rate in blue and England's response in red. England's middle order controlled the game and were in excess of the target (37 runs ahead by the sixth wicket).

The Second Ashes Cricket Test 2019

The Second Cricket Ashes Test has concluded as a draw (link). During the test match, Australia had to respond to two England scores of 258 in each innings. My estimate was that England was required to take a wicket every 26 runs in each innings to win the game and level the test series. My record: First Innings (Rate 26 Runs per wicket) Australia were bowled out for 250 runs.

Winning First

The first Ashes Test was completed at Edgebaston in Birmingham on 5 August (link). Australia won on the final day of the test by 251 runs. Australia scored 487 runs in their second innings. England required 398 runs to win the game on the final day. Throughout this cricket summer in England, I have wondered if we can predict the outcome of games early in their play after a team has set a target in an innings. In...

Decision Support and Moral Dilemma

One of the characteristics of performance analysis is that it has the potential to inform strategic and tactical decision making. I read with interest an observation made by Mahela Jayawardene after the fifth ODI against England this week. He made the observation in the context of the run out of Jos Buttler. Mahela is quoted in a Cricinfo article: We analysed our game after Lord's. They took 22 twos in the last 12 overs. Ravi Bopara and him (Jos Buttler) ran riot. And most of the time they were taking starts that are not legal by the written laws. We just wanted...

Batting Partnership Profiles: 2013 Ashes

I have been tracking batting partnerships in the last two Ashes' Cricket Series (2010-11 and 2013). At the end of the 2013 Series in England, the batting partnership profiles for both teams were: England Australia A Comparison Photo Credit The Oval (Happy A, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Roger and Decision Review Systems

Introduction The 2013 Ashes Series in England has provided abundant opportunities to consider the role of a decision review system (DRS) in cricket specifically and sport generally. I have written three posts on Clyde Street about decision review in the last two weeks. The impetus for these posts has not been the very public debate about the accuracy of the system but rather Simon Taufel's Spirit of Cricket lecture. Roger I have been reflecting on the lecture and the recent public discussion about decision review and as a result I have returned to read Roger Caillois' Man, Play and Games. I am particularly...

Shifting the Curve?

The Third Ashes Test starts at Old Trafford today. In the first two Tests, half of all the partnerships in the Australian innings have been 9 runs or less. There has been one century partnership. The partnership curve for the two tests to date is: To save the Series, Australia has to shift the curve to the right. For England: Whilst England has had 15 partnerships of 9 runs or less (out of 37 partnerships), there have been four century partnerships. The comparison to date is: Photo Credit Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Club (WeLiveCricket.com, CC BY 2.0)

Simon and the Spirit of Cricket

Introduction Simon Taufel delivered the thirteenth MCC Spirit of Cricket Lecture this week. There is a YouTube recording (divided into six segments) and a transcript of the talk. These have been compiled on the Lord's website here. I have watched Simon's career with great interest from his first ODI (in 1999), when he was twenty-eight years old and younger than a number of players on the field that day (Australia v Sri Lanka at Sydney), to his appointment as the ICC's Umpire Performance and Training Manager. I think the Lecture is compelling listening. The Lecture Here are some extracts from the lecture. On Humility One of the...