#5ACTC Day 2 Afternoon Session 1

The first session of the afternoon program on day two of the Cycling Tourism Conference comprised three papers:

Blake Rowsell, Mountain bike tourism development under the midnight sun.

Pam Faulks, The Tour de Timor experience 2009-2011.

Daniel Carruthers, Sportive Cycling Events in China.

The session provided fascinating insights into three distinct geographical contexts: the Yukon, Timor and China.

Photo Credit

Yukon Sunrise

Two Men in a Square

This week I am discussing the 2008 Olympic Games in a Business, Politics and Sport unit at the University of Canberra.

I am keen to discuss the iconography of the Games as a way to explore Olympism.

I thought I would start with this image:

and then discuss this video:

as a way to explore what we understand about cultural contexts and ‘documentary reality’.

My own thinking about the connections between business, politics and sport started with a research project into apartheid in sport (1973), was refocussed by Garry Whannel’s Blowing the Whistle (1983) and extended by John Hoberman’s discussion of Mortal Engines (1992).

I have been involved in international sport since 1980 and so I have had some wonderful opportunities to reflect on politics in sport and to contemplate ‘selective indignation‘, ‘moral hazard‘ and ‘willful blindness‘.

My discussion of the 2008 Olympics is linked to a history of the Games that includes events of 1936, 1972, 1980 and 1984 (but not limited solely to these Games).