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Visualising Olympic Performance

I receive a daily update from the Diigo Teacher-Librarian Group. Yesterday Cathy Oxley shared three Olympic resources with Group members. All three have an interesting approach to visualising Olympic performance. SBS SBS has produced a medals results page for all the Olympic Games in the modern era. It appears as a map of the world. The 2012 graphic is: The medals for the first Olympic Games of the modern era were: The New York Times The New York Times has a visualisation of all medalists in three events in the modern era: Performances are presented relative to Usain Bolt's 2012 Olympic record. I think this interactive visualisation is remarkable. It...

QR Codes: September Update

Cathy Oxley is a regular contributor to the Diigo Teacher-Librarian Group. She is a treasure trove of information. Recently she pointed to a University of Central Florida Libraries' presentation by Aysegul Kapucu and Rebecca Murphey (12 August) on QR codes. I have embedded the presentation here for reference. By the time I found the Slideshare there had been 8262 views. There were sixteen related QR Slideshares.