Sharing Information with QR Codes

Australian Canoeing provides information about risk management and safety for those who participate in canoe activities.

The Australian Canoeing website has a number of information sheets available for download at this page.

This is a link to the QR Code for this page of information. This is the QR Code if you have a QR reader on your iPhone or Android phone.

If you would like more information about QR Codes you might like to read this introduction.

There is some additional background information here.

One option for Australian Canoeing is to have a QR Code at any point of sale so that anyone buying equipment could access up-to-date information about canoeing in general and about safety in particular.

Video at Nationals 2010

I am in the control tower at the Australian Canoeing Nationals being held at the Sydney Regatta Centre, Penrith.

I have been working on low cost solutions to sharing video in almost real time. At present I am using a Regatta Centre CCTV camera in iMovie and trying a variety of compression formats. I am fortunate that the camera has its own controls and a zoom lens. I am recording the 200 metre heats.

Here is an example!

Today is a practice for this process for Finals’ Day on Sunday.