Canoe Slalom: Gate Judging at Oceania 2012

This year’s canoe slalom Oceania Championships took place at the Penrith Whitewater Stadium from 24-26 February.

During the event I videoed a section of the course that gave judges a great opportunity to develop their observational skills.

The video here shows a number of C1M paddlers negotiating the gates 16 to 19 at the bottom of the Penrith course. The paddlers were competing in the semi-final run of the class.

I have added my own audio commentary but point out that this is my observation not a report of the judges’ decisions in that section of the course.

A high resolution copy of the video without my commentary is available at

The video has an Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Judging C1M Quiz

Following on from the earlier posts about Judging Canoe Slalom, here is a short test of C1M judging.

The video was taken from the top bridge at the Penrith Whitewater Course, Australia. There are four gates in the video. it is in m4v format. It may need to play all the way through on some computers to give you the option of replaying it.

The first paddler (Bib 7) negotiates the first three gates all downstream correctly and is judged clear. There is a fourth gate an upstream gate on the river right of the course.

The video shows five more paddlers:

Bib 1

Bib 2

Bib 3

Bib 5

Bib 6

This document provides the penalties given during the event.