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Billy Cart Derby 2

The inaugural Billy Cart Derby took place on Sunday at Braidwood, NSW. The weather was perfect. The track was set up on the slope of Gillamatong Lane: What I enjoyed about the day was the way many of the community groups in the town worked together to create a playful, fun event. The day was sponsored by the local Bendigo Bank and lots of local businesses and made possible by the work of the Lions Club and the SES. The event had live commentary: Volunteer cart pushers: ... and official speed records: Lots of people came to watch. Families, friends and community groups shared...

Billy Cart Derby 1

Today (2 May) is Billy Cart Derby Day in Braidwood. Information about the day is hosted at Braidwoodbillycarts. Specifications Race Rules Race Procedures I liked the wikipedia entry: In Australia billy carts tend to conform, even in the 21st century, to a more traditional or rudimentary specification often being constructed informally by juveniles from found or inexpensive materials with minimal adult input and used without safety equipment. So I am looking forward to an exciting day of racing! Photo Credit Ginger Meggs Salvage Corps