#CWC15 Batting Partnership Landscapes

I have data for 767 batting partnerships at #CWC15.

These are secondary data collected in lapsed-time from ESPNcricinfo’s coverage of the Tournament.

These my the landscape images for:

The Whole Tournament


The Group Games


The Knockout Games


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#CWC15 Batting partnership landscape after six games


After six games of #CWC15, there have been 101 partnerships.

My data are collected here.

This is the landscape of these partnerships to resonate with Chris Flack’s Instagram photograph of Dunedin today.

Landscape 6


After posting these data and confirming with Chris it was acceptable to use his photograph, I had a most enjoyable exchange with Simon Gleave … (very) early morning with him late afternoon for me.

It started with

Which led me to produce this landscape of 20+ run partnerships.


Simon shared this

… and a whole lot of new possibilities opened up.

This is exactly the kind of self-organising conversation that I hope that a connectivist #UCSIA15 will stimulate.

Batting partnerships in #CWC15 after five games


Ireland defeated the West Indies in game five of the 2015 ICC World Cup.

The West Indies batted first and were the fifth team in five games to score 300 runs in the first innings of the game. DJG Sammy and LMP Simmons scored 154 runs in their sixth wicket partnership.

On this occasion, Ireland chased down the West Indies’ total with 25 balls remaining. In 2011, Ireland chased down 329 runs to beat England.

The West Indies’ defeat suggests that whilst a century partnership and 300 runs in combination have been a necessary condition for victory in the World Cup games played on Day 1 and Day 2, they are not a sufficient condition to guarantee success.


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