Australian Sport Thesaurus online as an open data resource

The Australian Sports Commission has made available the Australian Sport Thesaurus in xml format as an open data initiative to assist the sporting community.  


(The Thesaurus is hosted by, a site “to encourage public access to and reuse of public data”.)

The Thesaurus is an accumulation of over 15,000 terms covering concepts and objects related to sport and sporting organisations with a strong emphasis on Australian sport. It aims to reduce ambiguity in sporting terminology by providing authorised terms for every sport and sporting activity.

The Australian Sports Thesaurus seeks to provide clarity and assistance to the sport community by:

  • ensuring consistency of understanding and usage of sport terminology in documentary, legal and commercial discussions;
  • enabling improved system and database interoperability and reporting;
  • facilitating search and retrieval of information from sport information systems;
  • facilitating the defining of sport data for Data Dictionaries.

This is an evolving project and not all definitions have been verified and the Australian Sports Commission is seeking input from the sporting community to improve this product. While at this stage it is called a Thesaurus, in the longer term it is hoped that the product becomes a sports metadata register for the purpose of creating data standards for data exchange and interoperability.

The Thesaurus is provided on a Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-SA 3.0 AU) that allows all users to copy and use the resource so that they may integrate or adapt the terminology into their own organisations and systems.

Edgar Crook, Assistant Director, IT Governance and Compliance, Office of the CIO Digital Information Management & Technology at the Sports Commission is the point of contact for enquiries about this exciting open data initiative.

Photo Credits

AIS Swim Hall, Bruce, ACT, under construction (1982) (ArchivesACT, CC BY-NC 2.0)

No limits (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)

Identifying Sport Management Research Strategies

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and the Australian Sport Research Network (ASRN) are co-hosting a two-day workshop at the Australian Institute of Sport this week (Monday and Tuesday).

The workshop seeks to identify sport management research strategies and has two explicit objectives:

Day 1 To seek a consensus on sport industry research strategies in the domain of sport management.

Day 2 To seek a consensus on how to address sport management research priorities.

The conference was opened by the ASC CEO, Simon Hollingsworth. Allan Hahn welcomed delegates on behalf of the ASRN.

Thereafter Michael Sparks, Paul Fairweather and Alun Breward provided background briefings.

Michael discussed the potential of an integrated, holistic view in sport management research.

Paul discussed research evidence from the ASC-CSIRO Future of Sport project.

Alan reported on the national research policy environment.

To date three presentations have been made available for open sharing:




#SCP12: Performing, Reflecting, Mentoring

This week’s presentation in the  Sport Coaching Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra is on Performing, Reflecting, Mentoring.

The presentation links to a number of resources developed by the Australian Sports Commission:



During the presentation I am keen to mention Donald Schon’s work and explore the relationship between self-reflection and observing others.

This is an audio file of the presentation (45 minutes).