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#SpCP13 Observation and Augmented Information

This week's topic in #SpCP13 at the University of Canberra is Observation and Augmented Information. In this presentation I have an opportunity to mention Ian Franks, Richard Schmidt, David Berliner, and Muska Mosston. This is the SlideCast.

#SCP12: Observation and Augmented Information

This week's topic in the Sport Coaching and Pedagogy unit at the University of Canberra is Observation and Augmented Information. It has been a busy week so I am behind with the SlideCast for this presentation. I aim to integrate some of the material in the presentation with some autobiographical information. As throughout this unit I am trying to ensure that I have material relevant to the coaches and teachers on the unit.   This is a short video clip I used in the lecture. I used it to trigger some thoughts about coach/athlete, teacher/pupil relationships and proxemics.  

Observation +

I received an alert today via a LinkedIn group about a Performa Sports App. I discovered that "Performa Sports is the performance analysis tool that gives analysts, coaches and players the edge". The availability of applications like this is offering real-time opportunities for observation + support for coaches and players. It has been fascinating to watch the transition from real-time hand notation systems to ubiquitous digital tools that generate data rich resources. I thought I would use the term 'observation +' to describe tools that provide real-time and near real-time augmented information. This observation + domain is no longer the sole preserve...

Bandwith Approach to Supporting Learning

Yesterday's talk by Royce Sadler at the University of Canberra has sent me off on a journey thinking about how learners flourish. I liked Royce's reference to texts from the last forty years. The trail for Royce's talk had started me reflecting on Peter Dowrick's work on feedforward and Ian Franks and Gary Miller’s (1991) paper Training Coaches to Observe and Remember. After Royce's talk I revisited a paper by Kristine Chambers and Joan Vickers (2006) on the Effects of Bandwidth Feedback and Questioning on the Performance of Competitive Swimmers. The paper reported: A coaching intervention involving Bandwidth Feedback and Questioning (BF-Q) on...

Communication, Social Media and the Coach

I am meeting with Robin McConnell's undergraduate Advanced Coaching Studies' group on 29 April. My discussion topic is Communication, Social Media and the Coach. This blog post is the start of a conversation with the group in advance of the meeting. I am keen to discuss: Coach and athlete communication. Opportunities provided by social media to share ideas and discuss performance. Augmented information. This blog has a number of posts on these topics. I am hopeful that the students coming to the meeting have an opportunity to look at: A background paper Sport n.0: Connecting Social Networks A discussion of Coaches as Technologists Some thoughts on ubiquitous computing...

Working with Coaches and Performers

Background I have been revisiting some of my work from the 1990s of late. In this post I share a paper written in my early years as Director of the Centre for Notational Analysis at the Cardiff Institute of Higher Education. In 1993 I was exploring some of the issues around a notational analysis service to sport and presented a paper at a British Association of Sports Sciences' conference. The title of the paper was Working with Coaches and Performers: Notational Analysis as Liberational Praxis? My background in social sciences had encouraged me to think about the links...