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Discipline in group games at #AsianCup2019

The official website for the 2019 Asian Cup shares data about the games played (link). I have monitoring the Discipline data. For the 36 games played in the group games, I have used some very basic ggplot2 and ggrepel functions for these charts:

#AsianCup2019 after 24 games

The second round of group games at the 2019 Asian Cup (link) concluded with Uzbekistan's 4v0 defeat of Turkmenistan in Group F (link). In the 24 games played: The team that scored first has not lost in 20 of these games. The higher Elo rated team has not lost in 20 games. The four higher Elo rated teams that have lost are: Thailand (v India); Australia (v Jordan); Bahrain (v Thailand); and Syria (v Jordan). 66 goals...

#AsianCup2019 after 12 games: a look at fouls, yellow cards, goals and referees

Twelve games have been played in the 2019 Asian Cup football tournament (link). I am using the official AFC website for some secondary data analysis. In this post, I look at some of the data relating to fouls penalised, yellow cards, goals scored and the referees involved. I have used ggplot2 (link) and ggrepel (link) for some very basic visualisations:

#AsianCup2019 after nine games

Nine games have been played in the 2019 Asian Cup football tournament (link). Before the tournament, I identified some naive probabilities about when goals would be scored in six time intervals in group games. After nine games played, the relationship between the priors and posterior outcomes is: As to what kind of tournament this is in relation to 2011 and 2015, after nine games in 2019 the relationship is: I...

When will goals be scored in the group games at #AsianCup2019?

The group games are about to start at the 2019 Asian Cup football tournament (link). I have used goal scoring data from the group games of the previous two Asian Cup tournaments to derive some naive priors for when goals will be scored in the group stage of the tournament. It will be interesting to see the early trends in goal scoring. The previous goal scoring patterns (2015, 2011) were: My data from...

Elo ratings and FIFA rankings prior to #AsianCup2019

The most recent Elo World Football Ratings were published on 3 January 2019 (link) and the FIFA Rankings on 20 December 2018 (link). At the start of the 2019 Asian Cup (link), the ratings and rankings of the teams in the competition are: TeamEloFIFAIran1929South Korea2353Australia3541Japan3650Syria5874Uzbekistan6095Saudi Arabia6269Iraq6388Oman7482Qatar7793China8076UA Emirates8579Lebanon9181Jordan97109Bahrain99113North Korea100109Palestine11299Thailand113118Vietnam124100Kyrgyzstan14091Turkmenistan150127India15597Yemen164135Philippines169116 In the 2015 Asian Cup tournament, the performances against Elo ratings were: Higher Elo rated team scores first and wins: 22 games (69% of games played) Higher Elo rated team does...


The 2019 Asian Cup starts on 5 January with the opening game of the tournament between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (link to fixtures). I have a number of posts about the 2015 tournament held in Australia (link) and the 2011 tournament held in Qatar (link). I am looking forward to blogging about the tournament and exploring some probabilities about performance. Photo Credit Hunter Stadium (Danny Palmer, CC BY-NC 2.0)