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Dagstuhl: Day 1 Session 2

The second session on Day 1 of the Computer Science in Sport Conference (Special Emphasis:Football) at Schloss Dagstuhl was dedicated to Robocup. Sven Behnke (Universitat Bonn) introduced the session with some historical background about Robocup competitions. (Some of Sven's publications can be found here.) Bernhard Nebel (University of Freiburg, location 48° 0.822' N, 007° 50.045' E (WGS84)) provided further background about the origins of Robocup. He discussed sensor interpretation (inputs and outputs) and noted the importance of cooperative sensing. Bernhard explored the ways in which robots can act cooperatively:    Avoidance of interference    Task decomposition and re-allocation    Joint execution    Dynamic role re-assignment There...