ChangeMakers: Celia, Anita and Friends

Celia Brackenridge playing lacrosse in the snow

The Anita White Foundation, the University of Chichester and English Lacrosse hosted a gathering at the 2017 World Cup to celebrate the life and work of Celia Brackenridge.

Mark Coups (English Lacrosse) and Mark Mason (University of Chichester) welcomed guests to the celebration.

The Anita White Foundation has established a website to aggregate, curate and share Celia’s work. It has involved painstaking research and design facilitated by the University’s information technology service and energised by Lombe Mwambwa and Lucy Piggott.

A picture of Lombe Mwambwa and Lucy Piggott

Elizabeth Pike provided the background to the project and to the impact of the Foundation in becoming a centre of excellence and a global reference point for women in sport.

The event was concluded with delightful presentations from Anita White and Diana Woodward. Both shared their stories of their learning journeys with Celia.

A picture of Anita White

Diana, Celia’s civil partner, read out a message of thanks from Celia. The sad part of the day for me was that Celia was not there to see her friends celebrate her life’s work with awe and love. I think she would have relished seeing Lombe and Lucy present the website and the assurance two young women have in the nurturing environment that is the Foundation.

A picture of Diana Woodward

It was a day for Celia, Anita and friends to celebrate shared passions.

A picture of the Foundation ChangeMakers team

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Celia (Anita White Foundation website)

Anita, Lombe, Lucy and Diana (Keith Lyons, CC BY 4.0)

The AWF ChangeMakers team (Lucy Piggott, Twitter)

ChangeMakers (#RecogniseHer)

Lady Eleanor Holles Scool lacrosse team 1968

The Anita White Foundation and the University of Chichester Institute of Sport are hosting a website to make “Celia Brackenridge’s life and work as a scholar and activist accessible and available to individuals, groups and organisations who are interested in women, sport, and social change”.

The website is titled Women and Sport: The ChangeMakers. The website has pages on:

An About page has this background information:

The website is a project of the Anita White Foundation (AWF) as part of the University of Chichester, drawing on materials donated by Celia Brackenridge to the AWF, and stored in the Anita White Foundation International Women and Sport Archive at the University of Chichester. Celia has been a supporter of the AWF since its launch in 2011, and the AWF wanted to use this interactive digital resource to make Celia’s life and work accessible to scholars and activists interested in women, sport and social change, and to inspire future women leaders of sport.

There is an official launch of the website on Friday 14 July at Guildford. In my excitement I tweeted about the website but realise I need to wait for the day! There is a # linked to the event, #RecogniseHer.

I do think this is a wonderful initiative and a very powerful resource. One person’s journey to and from the picture at the top of this post has inspired and will continue to inspire many others.

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Lady Eleanor Holles School lacrosse team 1968 (Sporting Honours)

Celia Brackenridge (Lacrosse Talk)

A golden ticket …

I am delighted that I have received this invitation. It is a Willy Wonka type ticket to a special day at Guildford later this week.

I am going to attend the launch with my wife, Sue. She was the England coach at the inaugural World Cup in 1982 when Celia was captain of the team.

There is a collection of Celia’s papers at the Brunel University Library. The purpose of establishing the collection was:

to preserve original sources and information about the development of child abuse and child protection research, advocacy and policy in the UK and overseas from the 1980s to 2000s. Some other source material is also included relating to wider issues of gender relations in sport and to the earliest forms of notational and computer analysis of team sports, specifically women’s lacrosse in the 1980s.

Celia papers related to women’s sport, including the formation of the Women’s Sports Foundation and WomenSport International, were donated to the Anita White Foundation at the University of Chichester.

It will be fascinating to see how all these resources are made available on the interactive website.

Celia will not be at the launch. All her friends will be there to celebrate a wonderful life spent in the service of others.

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Sue Lyons (Leese) (The Braidwood Magazine)

Celia Brackenridge (Lacrosse Talk)