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AFL: Head of Football Program

David Rath has been appointed Head of Football Program at the St Kilda AFL club (link). The announcement of David's appointment confirms that in his role, he will oversee St Kilda's assistant coaches, development coaches and football analysts. He will also have responsibility for game planning, coach education and development, training, player skill acquisition, training analytics, game analysis and information technology, leadership and player development. David's current role is Coaching Innovation and Education Manager at the AFL. (link).

Using quantiles to explore AFL performance

I have been exploring the quantile function in R as a way to explore AFL performance. The generic function quantile produces sample quantiles corresponding to the given probabilities. The smallest observation corresponds to a probability of 0 and the largest to a probability of 1. I have data for 12 rounds of the 2018 AFL competition. I wondered if the quantile measures might give me a game signature. My data are: For the teams that have won games For teams that have lost games For game outcomes In Round 12, I looked at Geelong and Sydney in terms of winning quantile profiles (how good a winner...

Winning outcomes after five rounds of #AFL 2018

Round five of the 2018 AFL season concluded with Collingwood's win over Essendon. There has been one tied game in the competition to date (St Kilda v GWS in Round 5). My record of the winning outcomes of the other 44 games is: The tree was visualised with the CRAN package data.tree.

Dogs, Tigers, Medians and Moments: Reflecting on the 2017 #AFLGF

Introduction Richmond Tigers have won the 2017 AFL Grand Final. They defeated Adelaide by forty-eight points. Two days ago, I used median scoring profiles to suggest, all other things being equal, an Adelaide win. My season's data for the competition gave me these end of quarter scores: In my post, I suggested that the challenges to an Adelaide victory were: The closeness of the contest in the first quarter of the game Whether Richmond stayed with Adelaide in the 2Q If Richmond lifted in 3Q Should Richmond mange these three conditions, I thought this would mean it would come down to which team...

Profiling the 2017 #AFLGF Teams

Introduction I have kept a record of each quarter played in this year's AFL competition. My data are compiled manually from the official AFL site. On the eve of the Grand Final, I have explored the median profiles of both teams in the Final, Adelaide and Richmond. The odds offered by one bookmaker on Friday, 29 September were: Adelaide $1.73, Richmond $2.15. Darren O'Shaughnessy puts the likelihood of Adelaide winning the AFL Grand Final at 59.1%. Tony Corke provides an overview of predictions for the Final and concludes "Adelaide are forecast to score between 86 and 90 points, and Richmond between...

Performance after a Bye Week in the Regular AFL 2017 Season

Each team had a bye week in the regular AFL 2017 season. My visualisation of the momentum of the teams from their Bye Week is: The same chart with a legend: The extremes of these momentum lines are Sydney and North Melbourne: My rank order for momentum after a Bye Week is:   One of my interests in doing this work is to imagine the kind of conversations that might be occurring in performance departments during the post-bye period.

Pathways to and from the AFL 2017 Finals

Each AFL season I monitor the progress of teams in the regular season towards the end of season finals. I have a very basic measurement of 'momentum': win +1; defeat -1; draw 0. My record for all 18 teams in the 2017 regular season is: For the top 4 teams: Teams 5-8 Teams 9 to 13   Teams 14 to 18 Photo Credit After the game kick and catch ( Michael Coghlan, CC BY_SA 2.0)

Western Bulldogs in the 2016 #AFL Finals

Western Bulldogs played in each of the four weeks of the 2016 AFL Finals. My record of their performances is: Week 1 v West Coast: A Contested 1Q Game Week 2 v Hawthorn: A @Q Contested Game Week 3 v GWS: A Contested 4Q Game Grand Final v Sydney: A Contested 3Q Game I think this is a very impressive portfolio of victories. My interest in developing a taxonomy of games is to create a macro indicator that can lead to conversations about strategy, preparation, and tactics. I am becoming more and more interested in the situational awareness of players and coaches as well as their...

What kind of game? #AFL Grand Final 2016

I have been monitoring winning performances in the 2016 AFL season. Western Bulldogs' win in the Grand Final had the characteristics of a Contested 3 Quarter Game. Their performance against the median for this type of game was: I thought this was the only game of its type in the Finals rounds in 2016. I had recorded 21 examples during the regular season. One of these games was Western Bulldogs' round 10 win over Collingwood. The Bulldogs had lost one of these games as well (round 23 v Fremantle). The Bulldogs' fourth quarter performance against Sydney in the Final was, I thought, a...

#AFL Semi-Finals 2016

The Semi-Finals of the 2016 AFL Season resulted in wins for the Western Bulldogs (v Hawthorn) and Sydney (v Adelaide). I thought the Western Bulldogs' win had the characteristics of a Contested 2 Quarter game whilst there were characteristics of a Dominant game in Sydney's win. I am interested in teams' performances within games and across a season. I have been using a median profile of all winners' points differences by quarter to track momentum within a game and across a season. My data for the Semi-Finals are: Western Bulldogs Sydney These very basic charts raise some important questions for me. I have been thinking...