AFL 2011: Winning from behind in the regular season

This is a companion post to NRL 2011: Winning from behind in the regular season.

I am interested in the ability to win in invasive team games.

This season I have looked at winning behaviours in association football, Australian rules football, rugby league and rugby union.

In this post I list those teams in this year’s AFL fixtures in Australia who were able to overcome a deficit within a game to win in the regular season (before the finals’ rounds). The measure of a deficit was at the end of a quarter and does not reflect in every case the scale of a come back within a quarter.

In the table below the first named team overcame a deficit to win. There were three drawn games in the regular season.

To WinTeamOpponentRound
36Sunsv TigersRound 17
32Hawthornv SaintsRound 8
30Magpiesv CrowsRound 9
28Sunsv Port AdelaideRound 5
27Port Adelaidev CrowsRound 4
25Melbournev LionsRound 3
24Kangaroosv DemonsRound 8
23Magpiesv EssendenRound 19
22Bulldogsv CrowsRound 13
22Richmondv N MelbourneRound 5
20Geelongv SunsRound 10
19Crowsv HawthornRound 1
19Hawthornv MelbourneRound 2
18Hawthornv DockersRound 11
17Geelongv HawksRound 12
17Swansv EssendenRound 2
16Essendenv Port AdelaideRound 23
16Tigersv CrowsRound 23
15Saintsv CarltonRound 24
15Essendenv EaglesRound 7
14Crowsv SunsRound 8
14Carltonv SwansRound 6
14Carltonv RichmondRound 1
13Eaglesv LionsRound 23
13Crowsv LionsRound 20
13Essendenv SwansRound 20
13Brisbanev N MelbourneRound 9
13Geelongv St KildaRound 1
12Kangaroosv RichmondRound 24
12Hawthornv N MelbourneRound 20
12Kangaroosv BulldogsRound 17
12Swansv N MelbourneRound 10
12Geelongv CarltonRound 9
11Hawthornv SunsRound 24
11Carltonv KangaroosRound 19
11Freemantlev BrisbaneRound 14
11Lionsv CrowsRound 10
11Geelongv MagpiesRound 8
10Swansv St KildaRound 22
10Eaglesv CrowsRound 12
10Collingwoodv BulldogsRound 6
10Hawthornv EaglesRound 4
10Freemantlev BrisbaneRound 1
9Essendenv TigersRound 16
9Richmondv BrisbaneRound 13
8Richmondv DemonsRound 22
8Richmondv SwansRound 21
8Geelongv BrisbaneRound 17
8Lionsv Port AdelaideRound 15
8Hawthornv Port AdelaideRound 7
8Geelongv HawksRound 5
7Geelongv MagpiesRound 24
7Collingwoodv LionsRound 22
7Crowsv SwansRoung 15
7Demonsv EssendenRound 11
7Geelongv SwansRound 4
6Swansv LionsRound 24
6Richmondv LionsRound 6
6Swansv EaglesRound 3
5Freemantlev SunsRound 15
5Carltonv Port AdelaideRound 11
5Hawksv SwansRound 9
5Saintsv LionsRound 5
4Port Adelaidev DemonsRound 24
4Carltonv St KildaRound 7
4Swansv BulldogsRound 7
3Eaglesv DockersRound 18
3Bulldogsv CarltonRound 16
3Kangaroosv Port AdelaideRound 14
3Geelongv SaintsRound 13
3Essendenv LionsRound 8
3Essendenv BulldogsRound 1
2Tigersv DockersRound 7
2Eaglesv N MelbourneRound 1
1Eaglesv EssendenRound 22
1Tigersv EssendenRound 9
1Magpiesv CarltonRound 3
To Draw
18Carltonv EssendenRound 4
14Melbournev SwansRound 1
14Richmondv SaintsRound 2
7Saintsv RichmondRound 2

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AFL Kangaroos v Magpies

Performance at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup: Knockout Games

The teams that qualified for the Knockout Stage of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in FIFA World Ranking order (18 March 2011) were:

  • USA (1)
  • Germany (2)
  • Brazil (3)
  • Japan (4)
  • Sweden (5)
  • France (7)
  • England (10)
  • Australia (11)

In the Knockout Stage:

26 goals were scored in the 8 games played.

The team that scored first won 5 games out of the 8 games played.


England (FIFA Rank 10) scored first against France (7) but lost (in a penalty shoot out after extra time was played).

Sweden (5) scored first against Japan (4) and lost.

USA (1) scored first against Japan (4) but lost (in a penalty shoot out after extra time was played).

The higher FIFA ranked team won 6 of the 8 games played:


Germany (2) lost to Japan (4)

USA (1) lost to Japan (4)

Goals scored in the Knockout Stage (team scoring goal in bold with link to video of the goals):

2 DAIANE (USA v Brazil) (own goal)

9 Lauren CHENEY (USA v France)

10 Josefine OQVIST (Sweden v Japan)

11 Therese SJOGRAN (Sweden v Australia)

16 Lisa DAHLKVIST (Sweden v Australia)

19 Nahomi KAWASUMI (Japan v Sweden)

29 Lotta SCHELIN (Sweden v France)

40 Ellyse PERRY (Australia v Sweden)

52 Lotta SCHELIN (Sweden v Australia)

55 Sonia BOMPASTOR (France v USA)

56 Elodie THOMIS (France v Sweden)

59 Jill SCOTT (England v France)

60 Homare SAWA (Japan v Sweden)

64 Nahomi KAWASUMI (Japan v Sweden)

68 MARTA (Brazil v USA)

69 Alex MORGAN (USA v Japan)

79 Abby WAMBACH (USA v France)

81 Aya MIYAMA (Japan v USA)

82 Alex MORGAN (USA v France)

82 Maria HAMMARSTROM (Sweden v France)

88 Elise BUSSAGLIA (France v England)

Extra Time Goals

92 MARTA (Brazil v USA) (Penalty)

104 Abby WAMBACH (USA v Japan)

108 Karina MARUYAMA (Japan v Germany)

117 Homare SAWA (Japan v USA)

120+2 Abby WAMBACH (USA v Brazil)

Penalty Shoot Outs

There were 3 penalty shoot outs in the Knockout Stage two in the quarter finals and one in the final:

France defeated England 4-3. France took the first penalty. Sequence:

0-0 (France miss), 0-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 3-3 (England miss), 4-3, 4-3 (England miss).

USA defeated Brazil 5-3. USA took the first penalty. Sequence:

1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 3-2 (Brazil miss), 4-2, 4-3, 5-3.

Japan defeated USA 3-1. USA took the first penalty. Sequence:

0-0 (USA miss), 0-1, 0-1 (USA miss), 0-1 (Japan miss), 0-1 (USA miss), 0-2, 1-2, 1-3.

Referees in the Knockout Stage:

Jenny Palmqvist (SWE) England v France (2 goals scored)

Quetzalli Avarado (MEX) Japan v Germany (1 goal)

Silvia Reyes (PER) Sweden v Australia (4 goals)

Jacqui Melksham (AUS) Brazil v USA (4 goals)

Kirsi Heikkinen (FIN) France v USA (4 goals)

Carol Anne CHENARD (CAN) Japan v Sweden (4 goals)

Kari SEITZ (USA) Sweden v France (3 goals)

Bibiana STEINHAUS (GER) Japan v USA (4 goals)

Performance at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup: Group Games


The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup is being played in Germany from 26 June to 17 July.

The official website provides information about the Tournament and shares performance data (the English language website is here).

The Group games in this Tournament are played in four pools of four teams. These pools and teams (with the FIFA World Ranking, 18 March 2011) are:

FIFA Ranking

Pool A









FIFA Ranking

Pool B








New Zealand

FIFA Ranking

Pool C






North Korea



FIFA Ranking

Pool D








Equatorial Guinea

Goal Scoring

60 goals have been scored in the 24 games played.

Goal Scorers

(Country of goalscorer in bold with hyperlink to game highlights in player’s CAPITALISED name)

2 Stephane MAYOR (Mexico v New Zealand)

6 Yuki NAGASATO (Japan v New Zealand)

8 Leena KHAMIS (Australia v Equatorial Guinea)

10 Kerstin GAREFREKES (Germany v Canada)

12 Amber HEARN (New Zealand v Japan)

12 Heather O’REILLY (USA v Columbia)

13 Homare SAWA (Japan v Mexico)

15 Shinobu OHNO (Japan v Mexico)

15 Ellen WHITE (England v Japan)

16 Lisa DAHLKVIST (Sweden v USA) (Penalty)

18 Sarah GREGORIOUS (New Zealand v England)

21 Fara WILLIAMS (England v Mexico)

21 ANONMAN (Equatorial Guinea v Australia)

22 MARTA (Brazil v Norway)

24 Gaetane THINEY (France v Canada)

25 Kerstin GAREFREKES (Germany v France)

29 Maribel DOMINGUEZ (Mexico v New Zealand)

32 Inka GRINGS (Germany v France)

33 Monica OCAMPO (Mexico v England)

35 Nilla FISCHER (Sweden v USA)

39 Homare SAWA (Japan v Mexico)

42 Celia OKOYINO DA MBABI (Germany v Canada)

46 ROSANA (Brazil v Norway)

48 Emily VAN EGMOND (Australia v Equatorial Guinea)

48 MARTA (Brazil v Norway)

49 ERIKA (Brazil v Equatorial Guinea)

50 Megan RAPINOE (USA v Columbia)

51 Lisa DE VANNA (Australia v Equatorial Guinea)

54 Lauren CHENEY (USA v North Korea)

54 ROSANA (Brazil v Australia)

54 CRISTIANE (Brazil v Equatorial Guinea)

54 Simone LAUDEHR (Germany v Nigeria)

56 Marie-Laure DELIE (France v Nigeria)

56 Marie-Laure DELIE (France v Germany)

56 Elise THORSNES (Norway v Australia)

57 Jessica LANDSTROM (Sweden v Columbia)

57 Carli LLOYD (USA v Columbia)

57 Kyah SIMON (Australia v Sweden)

60 Gaetane THINEY (France v Canada)

63 Jill SCOTT (England v New Zealand)

64 Lisa DAHLKVIST (Sweden v North Korea)

66 Camille ABILY (France v Canada)

66 Rachel YANKEY (England v Japan)

67 Abby WAMBACH (USA v Sweden)

68 Aya MIYAMA (Japan v New Zealand)

68 Inka GRINGS (Germany v France) (Penalty)

72 Laura GEORGES (France v Germany)

73 Perpetua NKWOCHA (Nigeria v Canada)

78 Rachel BUEHLER (USA v North Korea)

80 Homare SAWA (Japan v Mexico)

82 Christine SINCLAIR (Canada v Germany)

83 Elodie Thomis (France v Canada)

83 Jessica CLARKE (England v New Zealand)

83 ANONMAN (Equatorial Guinea v Australia)

84 Emilie HAAVI (Norway v Equatorial Guinea)

87 Kyah SIMON (Australia v Sweden)

89 Celia OKOYINO DA MBABI (Germany v France)

90 Rebecca SMITH (New Zealand v Mexico)

90 + 3 CRISTIANE (Brazil v Equatorial Guinea) (Penalty)

90+4 Hannah WILKINSON (New Zealand v Mexico)

When Goals are Scored

The official website uses a 0-90 minute running clock for goal times. I have used these times to allocate the goals scored into four quarters of the Group games (notionally 0-22, 23-45 (end of first half), 46-68, 69-90 (end of second half)).

Scoring the First Goal

The team that has scored the first goal has won 19 games, drawn 2 games and lost 2 games of the 24 games played. There has been one 0-0 draw.

Exception 0-0 Draw

North Korea v Columbia

Drawn Games

Mexico v England

Mexico v New Zealand


New Zealand (FIFA Rank 24) scored first and lost to England (FIFA Rank 10) (Game 12)

Norway (FIFA Rank 9) scored first and lost to Australia (FIFA Rank 11) (Game 24)

FIFA Ranking

The higher FIFA ranked team has won 16 games, drawn 3 games and lost 5 games of the 24 games played.

Drawn Games

England (FIFA Rank 10) drew with Mexico (FIFA Rank 22)

Mexico (FIFA Rank 22) drew with New Zealand (FIFA Rank 24)

North Korea (FIFA Rank 8) drew with Columbia (FIFA Rank 31)

Lost Games

Canada (FIFA Rank 6) lost to France (FIFA Rank 7)

Japan (FIFA Rank 4) lost to England (FIFA Rank 10)

Canada (FIFA Rank 6) lost to Nigeria (FIFA Rank 27)

USA (FIFA Rank 1) lost to Sweden (FIFA Rank 5)

Norway (FIFA Rank 9) lost to Australia (FIFA Rank 11)

Referees in the Group Games

The referees who have officiated the Group games are:

Jacqui MELKSHAM (AUS), Germany v Canada (3 goals)

Kari SEITZ (USA) , Nigeria v France (1 goal), Brazil v Norway (3 goals)

Kirsi HEIKKINEN (FIN), Japan v New Zealand (3 goals), France v Germany (6 goals)

Silvia REYS (PER), Mexico v England (2 goals)

Carol Anne CHENARD (CAN), Columbia v Sweden (1 goal), England v Japan (2 goals)

Bibiana STEINHAUS (GER), USA v North Korea (2 goals)Equatorial Guinea v Brazil (3 goals)

Quetzalli ALVARADO (MEX), Norway v Equatorial Guinea (1 goal)

Jenny PALMQVIST (SWE), Brazil v Australia (1 goal), New Zealand v Mexico (4 goals)

Etsuko FUKANO (JPN), Canada v France (4 goals), Sweden v USA (3 goals)

CHA Sung Mi (KOR), Germany v Nigeria (1 goal)

Christina PEDERSEN (NOR), Japan v Mexico (4 goals), North Korea v Colombia (0 goals)

Therese NEGUEL (CMR), New Zealand v England (3 goals)

Estela ALVAREZ (ARG), North Korea v Sweden (1 goal), Norway v Australia (3 goals)

Dagmar DAMKOVA (CZE), USA v Columbia (3 goals)

Gyoengyi GAAL (HUN), Australia v Equatorial Guinea (5 goals)

Finau VULIVULI (FIJ), Canada v Nigeria (1 goal)

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Iceland v Serbia