Red Rose Coches: Post Jenga

In the second part of the morning Chris followed up the Jenga exercise with three questions:

  1. What did you notice about yourself in the exercise? (Feelings, roles, engagement)
  2. What did you notice about anyone else during the exercise?
  3. What part of the exercise reminded you of your job, club, squad (or what was very different)?

Chris suggested that to function individually and collectively we need to make multiple decisions and take action. He considered how we look and see. Can we see the obvious?

Chris noted that successful teams deliver on a task (and enjoy tasks). Noted that teams support each other both in getting on with a task and doing something critical to impact on success. He concluded the discussion with a consideration of leading, following and silence.

Chris noted three levels of competence:

  1. Content (what are we going to do)
  2. Process (how will we do this?)
  3. Energy

Chris proposed that a skilled leader works on all three levels. He then talked about working on hypotheses to develop a team and crossing all three levels. Chris noted that the capacity to receive feedback is vital in teams. This part of the day concluded with a discusion of labelling in team contexts and stereotyping behaviour.

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Jenga Masters

Red Rose Coaches: Introductions

I had the great good fortune to be invited to sit in on a workshop at Twickenham organised by Kevin Bowring.

The workshop was facilitated by Chris Grant and focused on team dynamics.

Knowledge, technique and self-awareness were foregrounded in two introductory exercises: “a word for the week” and a continuum of personal expectations for the day. These exercises were followed up by Jenga tower exercise building to 104 levels across four tables (from a starting 72 levels across the four tables).

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Kevin Bowring

Chris Grant


IACSS News: Conferences, Workshops and Congress

Some news for those interested in Computer Science in Sport and the work of the International Association of Computer Science in Sport (IACSS).

The Asian Conference on Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports will be held in Hyderabad, India from 7th to 9th May 2010.

The Asian Conference on Computer Science in Sport will be held at the Japan Institute of Sports Science in Tokyo from 24-26 September 2010.  To date there are twenty-six submissions from seven countries . There is still time to submit an abstract to Chikara Miyaji. Abstracts should contain: title, names of authors, organization(s), and abstract text up to 300 words.

Preparations for IACSS 2011 are beginning. Professor Yu has been elected as chairman of the sub-association of Computer Science in Sport within the Association of Sport Science of China. Professor Zhang Hui is the secretary general.

An IACSS exchange symposium will be organised during the Fifteenth Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) (23 – 26 June 2010) in Antalya, Turkey. In addition, IACSS and the Turkish Association of Computer Science in Sport (TACSS) will organise three congress workshops before the start of the formal ECSS 2010 program.

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