#RWC2019 after seven games

Seven games have been played at #RWC2019 (link).

The median passes to kicks ratios for these games is 4.23 and for lineouts to scrums is 1.92. I am hoping these two medians will give a feel for how dynamic the games can be.

My record of these games is:

The two games that have exceeded the pass:kick ratio medians are:

Photo Credit

Rugby World Cup (Twitter)

Referee appointments at RWC 2019: facet and patchwork visualisations

RWC 2019 kicks off this evening with the game between Japan and Russia (link). Nigel Owens is the referee officiating this game.

I have been using the referee data from RWC 2019 to explore visualiastion in ggplot. I have become interested in the potential of facet_wrap and patchwork to share data.

There are numerous guides to facet_wrap, I worked through an STDHA post to inform my visualisation (link).

The goal of patchwork is to make it easy to combine separate ggplots into the same graphic. Thomas Lin Pedersen has a guide to patchwork on GitHub (link).

I have found both applications a great way to record data.

My examples are: