The Second Ashes Cricket Test 2019

The Second Cricket Ashes Test has concluded as a draw (link).

During the test match, Australia had to respond to two England scores of 258 in each innings.

My estimate was that England was required to take a wicket every 26 runs in each innings to win the game and level the test series. My record:

First Innings (Rate 26 Runs per wicket)

Australia were bowled out for 250 runs.

Second Innings (Rate 26 Runs per wicket)

The game ended with an Australian score of 154 for 6 wickets (link).

A Comparison of Both Innings

(Using the gridExtra package)

Scoring First and Losing: Two Weeks in European Football

I am interested in goal scoring patterns in European football. One of these patterns is conceding the first goal and winning.

After two weeks of the Eredivisie and one week each of Ligue 1 and the EPL, there are eight games that have the first team scoring and losing. Six of these games come from the Eredivisie. The median time to equalise is 27 minutes.

Den Haag led by two goals in their game against Utrecht (link) and lost the game 2v4.

The teams that scored first and lost:

The teams that conceded the first goal and won were:

The final scores in these games were:

Photo Credit

FC Utrecht (Twitter)