On the ball … in 1935

Simon Gleave and Jurryt van der Vooren have been tracking down the earliest example of football statistics.

There have been some Twitter exchanges

In response to:

This encouraged me to write a blog post about the game.

Today Jurryt came up with two new leads, one from a Holland v Belgium game in 1935:

and this from De gronwet on 15 January 1936

This second source refers to some French journalists at the Jour newspaper. My brief enquiries suggest this might be a newspaper published in 1933.

I do need to follow up on these leads but I am immensely grateful that Simon and Jurryt are sharing their treasure hunt.


Chautauqua won the T J Smith Stakes at the Championships at Randwick on Saturday.

The victory came from a long way back and is a great example of developments over the final 400 metres of a race.

400 (at the back of the bunch)

300 (third from back)

200 (moving up from a long way back)

100 (7th)

50 (3rd)

Finish Line (1st)

Photo Credits

Frame Grabs from Sky Racing World video tweet