RBS Six Nations Rugby Union 2017: Try Scoring

The 2017 RBS Six Nations Rugby Union Championship concluded last weekend with the three Round Five games.

I have been looking at the impact of scoring the first converted try in the fifteen games played in 2017.

Eight of the fifteen games played were won by teams who scored the first converted try and were leading at half time. Five of these games followed the ranking positions of teams from the 2016 RBS Championship. The three exceptions were: Scotland v Ireland (Round 1); France v Wales (Round 5); and Ireland v England (Round 5). All three games were won by the home team.

In Round 4, Wales scored the first try against Ireland, were leading at half time and won the game.

Three teams scored the first converted try, led at half time and lost. These games were: Italy v Wales (Round 1); Wales v Scotland (Round 3); and Italy v England (Round 3).

France did not score the first try against Scotland in Round 2 but led at half time and won.

Wales did not score the first try against England in Round 2 but led at half time and lost.

There were no tries scored in the first half of the England v France game in Round 1.

There was one game of the fifteen played in which the team that scored more tries lost: Scotland v France in Round 2.

Some other try scoring data from the Six Nations:

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Weekend Performances

I have been following a number of competitions this weekend.

Each of them has got me thinking about the phenomenology of moments as well as the flow of games and seasons.

In the deciding Rose Bowl game between Australia and New Zealand women’s cricket, I noticed this over:

Alyssa Healey had come to the wicket in the 45th over. She batted down the order in this game. I thought her innings was a great example of tempo and temperament. It was an over that transformed the game.

Super Netball is developing into a fascinating competition. My data so far are:

The WNBL semi final games were completed at the weekend. I have been interested in seeing any differences between winners in regular season and winners in the finals.

It was the first weekend of the NRL season.

Round 2 of Super Rugby was completed:

In Europe, the Aviva Premiership rugby union completed round 17 and Top 14 round 19. I use a colour code to note outcome of games: green is an expected win based on previous year’s ranking; blue an expected defeat; gold an unexpected win; and red an unexpected loss.

The Aviva games followed last year’s ranking:

Top 14 … was typically Top 14!

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#WNBL17: Noting a Semi Final Performance Outlier

On Saturday, the Sydney Uni Flames defeated JCU Townsville Fire 111 to 69 in their first semi final game of #WNBL17.

The 111 points is the highest points total scored in a #WNBL game this season. Perth Lynx has scored 100 points twice in the regular season (102 v Adelaide in Round 11 and 108 v Bendigo in Round 13).

In the semi final:

There is an impressive lift in Sydney’s third quarter performance – 38 points.

Perth’s 108 v Bendigo had a third quarter lift too (32 points):

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