Refereeing in Fourteen #WorldCup Knockout Games

There are just two games to go in the 2018 World Cup.

I have been following Refereeing World during the tournament but have not yet discovered the final two referee appointments for Third/Fourth place game and the Final.

My record of officiating in the Knockout Phase (14 games played) defined by percentage of ball in play time is:

Games completed in normal time (n=9) (colour code of dots is for fouls awarded):

By Referee:

By Game:

Games completed after extra time (n=5) (colour code of dots is for fouls awarded):

By Referee:

By Game:

Based on the data from this tournament, if the choice of referee was independent of the politics of appointment, my choice for World Cup Final referee is Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands). Three of the four games he has refereed exceeded 63% ball in play . The Sweden v England Game was 59%.

Refereeing #WorldCup Group Games

I have been tracking referee performance in the Group games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

I am using the data shared on the official website to monitor: total game time and ball in play time.

My rank order for the 48 games by ball in play time is:

Game ID
Referee Country Game Playing Time
2 Bjorn Kuipers Netherlands Egypt v Uruguay 64
25 Bjorn Kuipers Netherlands Brazil v Costa Rica 64
41 Alireza Faghani Iran Serbia v Brazil 64
6 Szymon Marciniak Poland Argentina v Iceland 62
9 Cesar Ramos Mexico Brazil v Switzerland 62
43 Mark Geiger USA Korea v Germany 62
22 Mateu Lahoz Spain Denmark v Australia 61
34 Wilmar Roldan Columbia Saudi Arabia v Egypt 61
37 Sando Ricci Brazil Denmark v France 61
18 Clement Turpin France Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 60
27 Szymon Marciniak Poland Germany v Sweden 60
45 Damir Skomina Slovenia Engalnd v Belgium 60
16 Damir Skomina Slovenia Colombia v Japan 59
42 Clement Turpin France Switzerland v Costa Rica 59
47 Janny Sikazwe Zambia Japan v Poland 59
4 Gianluca Rocchi Italy Portugal v Spain 58
5 Andres Cunha Uruguay France v Ausralia 58
10 Malang Diedhiou Senegal Costa Rica v Serbia 58
1 Nestor Pitana Argentina Russia v Saudi Arabia 57
21 Mohammed Abdulla UAE France v Peru 57
31 Cesar Ramos Mexico Poland v Colombia 57
36 Ravshan Irmatov Uzbekistan Spain v Morocco 57
8 Sando Ricci Brazil Croatia v Nigeria 56
11 Alireza Faghani Iran Germany v Mexico 56
26 Felix Brych Germany Serbia v Switzerland 56
29 Jair Marrufo USA Belgium v Tunisia 56
38 Sergei Karasev Russia Australia v Peru 56
13 Janny Sikazwe Zambia Belgium v Panama 55
15 Nawaf Shukralla Bahrain Poland v Senegal 55
30 Ghead Grisha Egypt England v Panama 54
46 Nawaf Shukralla Bahrain Panama v Tunisia 54
7 Bakary Gassama Gambia Peru v Denmark 53
12 Joel Aguilar Salvador Sweden v Korea 53
17 Enrique Caceres Paraguay Russia v Egypt 53
19 Mark Geiger USA Portugal v Morocco 53
20 Andres Cunha Uruguay Iran v Spain 53
24 Matthew Conger New Zealand Nigeria v Iceland 53
23 Ravshan Irmatov Uzbekistan Argentina v Croatia 52
28 Milorad Mazic Serbia Korea v Mexico 52
39 Cuneyt Cakir Turkey Nigeria v Argentina 52
32 Gianluca Rocchi Italy Japan v Senegal 51
40 Antonio Lahoz Spain Iceland v Croatia 51
33 Malang Diedhiou Senegal Uruguay v Russia 50
35 Enrique Caceres Paraguay Iran v Portugal 50
44 Nestor Pitana Argentina Mexico v Sweden 50
48 Milorad Mazic Serbia Senegal v Colombia 50
14 Wilmar Roldan Columbia Tunisia v England 49
3 Cuneyt Cakir Turkey Morocco v Iran 45

My grouping of the referees:

60 minutes +

55-59 Minutes

45-54 Minutes