Three Papers, Day Two at IACSS09

I chaired a final paper session on Day Two at IACSS09. The three presenters were Alexis Lebedew, Gerard Sierksma and Natalie Ruiz.

Alexis presentation was A Reconceptualisation of Traditional Volleyball Statistics To Provide a Coaching Tool for Setting.


Gerard presented on Talent Development, Performance Potential and Computer Support in Sports.


Natalie’s presentation was entitled Multimodal Cognitive Load Assessment for Athletes.


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There was a packed gathering to hear the three speakers and I thought their ideas and discussion was a great end to Day 2 of the conference. For me it meant a sleepless night pondering complexity and simplicity and how we might develop our understanding of performance in sport.

The other bookend to the day was Martin Lames‘s keynote. He started the fireworks of thoughts!

IACSS09: Opening Keynote Address Arnold Baca

The IACSS09 Symposium has opened in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). Professor Peter Fricker, Director of the AIS, made the formal welcome address.

Professor Arnold Baca presented his perspectives on What to Expect in the Next Four Years of Computer Science in Sport in his keynote opening address.


Arnold welcomed guests to 7th Symposium in his role as President of IACSS. His presentation covered the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Current trends
  • Trends in Computer Science
  • Megatrends: ubiquitous computing and data analysis
  • Expectations

Arnold’s presentation: