That time of year again

A picture of a football goal.

It is that wonderful time of the year again.

It was registration day for junior football at Braidwood Recreation Ground. My granddaughter, Ivy, and grandson, Jolyon, signed up eagerly and gleefully to join their respective activity groups.

I loved seeing both of them not play football.

It is that time of year when children are attracted to a ball like glue and they struggle with oversize shoes that parents hope will see two seasons.

It is the kind of late Autumn day that everyone loves. Parents and families huddle and chat to share their joy that their children are active and might find some friends to see them through the long Winter.

Glue was afoot and there was promise in the air.

No one shouted, everyone one laughed and enjoyed that very special first day.

The Story of the King’s Cup: 1919-2019

This year marks the centenary of the Peace Regatta (link).

I have been writing about preparations for the centenary since 2014 when I learned about Bruce Coe’s research into the Regatta (link)

Bruce’s research is in his latest book, Pulling Through, published to coincide with the celebrations at Henley in July this year (link).

It is a meticulous account of events in and around 1919 and demonstrates powerfully the role of an historian in pursuing, discovering and sharing primary resources about events that are now beyond living memory.

It is a compelling story. it is one I have just completed reading after seeing the film, Testament of Youth (link).

I do hope Bruce’s book receives a wide readership in this of all years.

Photo Credit

The AIF No. 1 Crew (Rowing Australia website)

The launch of Paralympic Stories

A picture of two Paralympic swimmers from 1964

Paralympics Australia has launched, this week, an online history of the Paralympic movement in Australia, Paralympic Stories (link).

The Australian Paralympic History Project aims to capture, manage, preserve and share the history of the Paralympic movement in Australia in ways that are relevant, accessible and place the Paralympic movement within a broader social context.

The launch of Paralympic Stories is the result of an extensive collaboration between Paralympics Australia and a range of partners, headed by the University of Queensland. Other key partners include the National Library of Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive, the Clearinghouse for Sport and the National Sports Museum.

The project has been coordinated by Tony Naar from its inception in 2010 to this week’s launch of the Stories.

Photo Credit

Daphne Ceeney (link) and Elizabeth Edmondson (link). Photograph from 1964 (Paralymics Australia, (link))