Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019: Goal Scoring Contexts

Ron Smith is coming to Canberra to give a talk about goal scoring. I am delighted he is sharing his findings based on meticulous research.

I looked carefully at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France (link) and have a Google Sheet to share my data (link). The data I have curated are the official FIFA data recorded at each game as Match Facts (link). Referee information and weather were on the same page too:

I have been using R and ggplot2 to look at some contextual data for Ron’s goal scoring discussions.

I use median measures to monitor performance. At this World Cup some of my median data were:

  • Ball in Play = 55 Minutes
  • Total Game Time = 97 Minutes
  • Ball Not In Play = 43 Minutes
  • Temperature = 22C
  • Humidity = 60%
  • Wind = 12kph
  • Fouls = 20
  • Goals = 3

Goals Scored

Ball in Play Time

Total Game Time

Ball Not In Play

Time Measures

Temperature and Humidity

Referees: Ball in Play

Referees: Game Time

Referees: 3 Games > 130 Minutes Game Time

Referees: Ball Not In Play

Referees: Fouls Penalised

I am hopeful these data are of some use. I have all the jpgs and pdfs to share with Ron if needed. What interests me in Ron’s talk is how teams score goals in these contexts.

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