Goals Scored at #RWLC17

The Women’s Lacrosse World Cup is underway at the Guildford Sports Park.

The official web site for the tournament has a Results and Stats page.

I am using these data to compile my record of goal scoring in Pool A at the tournament prior to play off games in the Championship Division.

My secondary data are available here.

All six teams in Pool A (Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, United States and Wales) have played their first games.

After Day 2, 54 goals have been scored in 3 games. 34 First Half goals, 20 Second Half goals.

Winning teams have scored 40 goals (23 First Half, 17 Second Half). Losing teams have scored 14 goals (11 First Half, 3 Second Half).

The tournament web site gives the time of each goal scored. I am going to look at goal scoring in 5 minute time intervals to identify the flow of games for winning and losing teams.

After two days and 3 games the graph looks like this:

There are three Pool A games on Day 3 of the tournament.

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