Our Charles Reep Project 1

Yesterday, I received this alert

I admire Simon’s work immensely and so I need to respond.

I think it is a great idea.

Over the years I have written a number of posts about Charles.

Somewhere in my archive, I have an unpublished paper that Charles shared with me as a typescript.

I sense that this is the time following Simon’s call to create an open book for and about Charles.

We could use the approach championed by BC Open Textbooks.

So …

This is an open invitation to co-create that most wonderful of open books, a Festschrift. Ours could be a Reepschrift.

I am hopeful that Richard Pollard and Neil Lanham will help us to ground the book in their experiences with Charles.

Thank you, Simon, for a great nudge.

Anyone in?

3 thoughts on “Our Charles Reep Project 1”

  1. I think you are eminently qualified to complete the task Keith, you have so much personal knowledge to draw on and who the best people would be to assist.

    1. Thank you, Ron.

      I am hopeful that you will be one of those people. I will write to you.

      Hope all is well.

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