Goal Scoring at in the Women’s Football Tournament in #Rio2016



I have a record of 66 goals scored at the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament in Rio 2016. This total does not include goals scored in penalty shoot outs.

My data are curated here.

As with other tournaments, I have recorded when goals are scored and have grouped these in time intervals. I use 15 minute segments of time as these correspond with extra time periods.

Some goals are scored in time added on at the end of each half of a game. I am mindful of these goals and note them in my record of the game.

When Were Goals Scored?



Three of the Stage Two games were decided by penalty shoot outs (Sweden v USA; Brazil v Australia; Sweden v Brazil). No goals were scored in extra time in these games.

Goal Scorers

The goal scorers (with links to their FIFA profile) in the Tournament were:

11Nilla FischerSweden76
22Janine BeckieCanada1
32Christine SinclairCanada80
53Andressa AlvesBrazil59
74Sara DabritzGermany22
84Alexandra PoppGermany36
94Kudakwashe BasopoZimbabwe50
104Melanie BehringerGermany53
114Melanie BehringerGermany78
124Melanie LeupolzGermany83
134Eunice Chibanda (OG)Germany90
145Carli LloydUSA9
155Alex MorganUSA46
166Carolina Arias (OG)France2
176Eugenie Le SommerFrance14
186Camile AbilyFrance42
196Amel MajriFrance82
207Janine BeckieCanada7
217Christine SinclairCanada19
227Janine BeckieCanada35
237Mavis ChiranduZimbabwe86
248Carli LloydUSA63
259Samantha KerrAustralia6
269Caitlin FoordAustralia45
279Sara DabritzGermany45+2
289Saskia BartusiakGermany88
2910Yasha GuChina45+1
3010Ruyin TanChina87
3111Amber HearnNew Zealand31
3712Lotta SchelinSweden89
3813Lisa De VannaAustralia2
3913Claire PolkinghorneAustralia15
4013Alanna KennedyAustralia37
4113Kyah SimonAustralia50
4213Michelle HeymanAustralia55
4313Michelle HeymanAustralia66
4413Emmaculate MsipaZimbabwe90+1
4514Melanie BehringerGermany13
4614Melissa TancrediCanada26
4714Melissa TancrediCanada60
4815Eugenie Le SommerFrance38
4915Louisa CadamuroFrance63
5015Louisa CadamuroFrance91
5116Catalina UsmeColombia26
5216Crystal DunnUSA41
5316Mallory PughUSA60
5416Catalina UsmeColombia90
5517Stina BlacksteniusSweden61
5617Alex MorganUSA77
5718Melanie BehringerGermany76
5819Sophie SchmidtCanada56
5922Melanie BehringerGermany21
6022Sara DabritzGermany59
6123Deanne RoseCanada25
6223Christine SinclairCanada52
6424Dzsenifer MarozsanGermany48
6524Linda Sembrant (OG)Germany62
6624Stina BlacksteniusSweden67

This table includes four goals that were scored in time added on at the end of each half (2 in the first half and two in the second half).

Scoring The First Goal

In the Group Games, the team that scored first did not lose in 15 of the 16 games played. Two of these 15 games were draws (Australia v Germany and Colombia v USA). The only team to score first and lose was Germany v Canada.

In Stage Two, the team that scored first did not lose any of the 6 games played. Sweden drew with the USA after scoring first but won the game in a penalty shoot out.

FIFA Ranking

Sweden (ranked 6th) and Canada (ranked 10th) were the two teams that played above their FIFA rankings in this Tournament.

Photo Credit

Asllani and Schelin make a secret sign? (Blondinrikard Fröberg, CC BY 2.0)

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