#AFL 2016: After Round 20


I have been using secondary data from the official AFL website to track team performances in the 2016 season.

Progress on the Ladder

My view of teams’ performances on the 2016 Ladder compared to their positions on the Ladder at the end of the regular season in 2015.

Ladder 20


I have been following the performances of winning teams in 2016.

My chart for the profile of winners using lowest and highest margin per quarter and the median score per quarter is:

AFL Winners

Performances After a Bye Week

I am fascinated by the science and art of modulating training programs. I monitor teams’ performances after their by week to visualise trends. My scale of momentum points is very basic and is independent of home or away games and ability of opponents. I use 1 for a win and -1 for a defeat.

Teams who had a bye in Week 13

Week 13

Teams who had a bye in Week 14

Week 14

Teams who had a bye in Week 15

Week 15

My data for these charts can be found here.

Photo Credit

A great win (Shawn Smith, CC BY-ND 2.0)


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