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An early morning alert about a David Sumpter post on Women’s Football has introduced me to a remarkable data service.

WoSo STATS collects, analyses and shares data about women’s football from all over the world.

The WoSo About page has this information:

WoSo Stats is a project dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing data about women’s soccer from around the world. Stats are tracked for matches and are made publicly available for all to see.

This site will provide updates on the project and explore the stats we find. To view the data (and code used to compute the stats) for yourself, explore the WoSo Stats GitHub repository or view the WoSo Stats Shiny app. For more frequent updates and commentary on what we’re doing, follow us on Twitter at @WoSoStats.

This project and the rich data we’re getting is only made possible due to the wonderful volunteers who have contributed their free time to track match actions and location data. We’re small in number (for now) and can barely track more than a match or two a week.

I am so delighted David alerted me to the site. I love the idea that people work together to share their passion for women’s football and do so to create open data.

It is a great example of a SH//FT approach in sport.

Photo Credit

USA v Japan (Joel Solomon, CC BY 2.0)

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