#relearn motets: sharing voices


I saw Alex’s tweet about #relearn 2

… and thought about how we connect very many voices in a cooperative adventure. Perhaps we can learn from music for these narratives.

I think motets might help us.

Which took me to my CD of the Tallis Scholars and their rendition of Spem im Alium.

There is a YouTube version (9 minutes 40 seconds) for 40 voices:

This what it sounds like with 700 voices (11 minutes 33 seconds).

A flash mob rendition (9 minutes)

The Tallis motet was composed in the sixteenth century.

I liked this part of the Wikipedia account:

The work is a study in contrasts: the individual voices sing and are silent in turns, sometimes alone, sometimes in choirs, sometimes calling and answering, sometimes all together, so that, far from being a monotonous mess, the work is continually presenting new ideas.

This to me seems to be the essence of the #relearn conversations and the narratives (oral and written) that are emerging. I like the inclusive potential of these narratives: a choir of 40, a choir of 700; and a flash mob all seem great ways to share.

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