Pete the Sheep Days


Our four year old granddaughter, Ivy, had her first school trip today.

Her pre-school group made the adventurous journey from Braidwood to Queanbeyan by bus and train to see a performance of Pete the Sheep. They came home by bus.

Ivy was up at 5am ready to go to the bus … just four hours away.

Her excitement, our excitement, made me think about everyone’s Pete the Sheep experience of learning.

I am wondering how we create learning environments so exciting that Pete the Sheep is an every day experience for all learners  … perhaps without a 4am start, but certainly a-want-to-need-to-be-there-kind-of-day.

I do think stories are at the heart of these environments. Music too … if Pete is involved.


Photo Credits

Pete the Sheep

Call out the health and safety man (theirhistory, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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