AFL 2014 Qualifying Final 1: Geelong v Hawthorn


Geelong and Hawthorn meet this evening in the first qualifying final of the 2014 AFL season.

The teams have met twice during the regular season.

Game 1

Scores By Quarter (Geelong won 106 v 87)

Game 1

Game 2

Scores By Quarter (Hawthorn won 94 v 71)

Game 2

The comparative rhythm of points scoring for both teams during the whole season has been:

HvG Season

The performances of both teams against the season’s average winning score of 104 points and the average losing score of 69 points have been:


Geelong 2014


Hawthorn 2014


This a great game to start the AFL Finals. Data over the whole season suggest to me a Hawthorn win. I am mindful that both teams are great rivals with a history of very competitive games.

Photo Credits

Hawthorn v Geelong at the G (Mal Booth, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

312246866.jpg (Craig Sillitoe, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Hawthorn did win (104 v 68).

Scores By Quarter

HG PF 14



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