Sharing, Giving

I received a video alert from John Kessel this morning.

He shared a YouTube link that a friend had shared with him.

I thought I would embed the video here as it resonates powerfully with my thoughts about reciprocal altruism.

After watching the video, I saw by chance a different take on sharing and giving … during a night out in Boston, Lincolnshire:

Both videos prompted me to think about the alternatives to the kindness shared … a young boy taken to a police station, a group of friends vandalising.

I am hopeful that moments of kindness triumph most of the time. I hope you enjoy the videos.



  1. That’s a bit harsh. The boys from Boston are not ‘vandalising’ they’re straightening out a cycle rack which had been damaged previously……..

    • Gordon

      I apologise. I thought I had included it for that very reason. I thought what they did was a great example.

      Hope you are well.


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