Pathways to and from the 2013 AFL Finals: Winning and Losing


Yesterday, I wrote about visualising performance in the 2013 AFL Competition.

Today, I have some data to share about winners and losers.

During the 2013 season, the gaps between the average weekly winning and losing scores were:

WL Av 2013

Hawthorn’s performance as minor premiers was:

WH 2013

GWS’ performance as eighteenth team was:

L GWS 2013

Throughout the season, I monitored performance at the end of the Third Quarter of each game to identify teams that were resilient in overcoming deficits in the Final Quarter. The data alerted me to teams that would face difficulties during the season. Essendon overcame four end of Third Quarter deficits. Port Adelaide’s comeback against West Coast in Round 5 appears to have defined both team’s seasons from that point.


Three teams were tied at the end of a Third Quarter and won.

Tied Q3 Win

In the only draw of the whole season, Fremantle came back from a nine point deficit to draw with Sydney in Round 8. This appeared to confirm Fremantle’s trajectory during the season.

Photo Credit

Hawks “Cheer Squad” (Drew Douglas, CC BY-NC 2.0)

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