Pathways to Super 15 Playoffs 2013


The Chiefs, Bulls, Brumbies, Crusaders, Reds and Cheetahs have made it to the 2013 Super 15 Rugby Union Playoffs.

This weekend the Crusaders play the Reds in Christchurch and the Brumbies play the Cheetahs in Canberra.

I was interested in the ways all these teams made it to the finals.

I looked at each team’s performance and allocated +1 for a win, 0 for a draw or bye and -1 for a defeat.

Overall the six teams together look like a London Underground map … all heading for Epping, and the top of the table.

Final Standing S15 13

The Teams

The Chiefs


The Bulls


The Brumbies


The Crusaders


The Reds


The Cheetahs


Some Comparisons

Chiefs and Bulls


Brumbies and Crusaders


Reds and Cheetahs


2 thoughts on “Pathways to Super 15 Playoffs 2013”

  1. I’m not sure what your Y-axis measures, but it’s not ‘cumulative points’, because something that’s cumulative only increases; it never declines, yet your graph has the value declining and even going into negative numbers.

    1. Hello, Stephen

      Thank you for finding the post and for making this point. I was looking to visualise a journey that might have a negative value. I thought the use of a very simple points system would indicate trend.

      Best wishes


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